“Harvest is a cultural event that identifies us in the world”

The Minister of Culture and Tourism of Mendoza, nora vicarwas accompanying Natasha Sanchez and Giuliana Pilotthe new National Harvest Queen and Viceroy at the traditional breakfast at the Hyatt hotel and took stock of the festival and tourism.

Vicario went through her first National Harvest Festival as minister and expressed: “It was very exciting, all parties are exciting, but last night’s was moving, since it was the moment in which we met again with a show that surpassed everything, something happened in these two years of being without this face-to-face Harvest, which is why we value that meeting more”.

And he continued: “All the paintings had something, always the moment of Virgin of the Carrodilla It is an epic moment in the celebration, but yesterday you got goosebumps, the same with the other tribute paintings”.

Giuliana Pilot, Natasha Sánchez, Nora VIcario and the director of the Harvest, Pablo Moreno

The minister highlighted the moment in which the mayra tousoutgoing queen elected in 2020 and extended her term in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she surprised the audience by singing the anthem to Mendoza, “hers was very nice, with incredible quality, I highlight her for her work in the pandemic in which the queen and vice-queen always accompanied, they were always available”.

The holder of the portfolio stated that “the Grape Harvest generates, it is a cultural event of great prominence that identifies us in the world and generates work”, and continued: “We spent six months working on a maximum proposal, an intermediate one and an audiovisual one in case COVID-19 did not allow it, the maximum proposal was given, the conditions were right for it to be face-to-face and that level of professionalism with the party makers made it a luxury event”.

Harvest Tourism

Vicario highlighted that Mendoza in terms of tourism had a “very good closing of the summer season, with a high occupancy level that remained between 85 and 90%, to culminate this Harvest weekend with 97% in Greater Mendoza “.

“What we highlight is that this summer tourism was national and this weekend there was a lot of international visitors, which is what we need to recover and that is what we work for,” he said.

And he continued: “We aim for Mendoza to return to pre-pandemic international tourism levels, but always adding new markets, our goal is to consolidate ourselves as an international tourist destination, which is the great goal that lies ahead for it to be a source of job creation. “, he concluded.