Hardly anyone knows about it, but this plant contains a lot of omega 3 and we can eat it together with the salad

With the arrival of high temperatures, the desire to go out and eat disappears. Therefore, we always try to go out in the cooler hours and for lunch and dinner we choose many fresh and light foods. When we cook, we must always try to eat various foods, in order to assimilate all the substances necessary for our body. A complete diet is also necessary in the summer. Let’s also remember to drink a lot so as not to stay dehydrated. So, we bring with us a water bottle that we can refill as needed.

Among vitamins, sugars, mineral salts and more, omega 3 are also important. We know very well that these fats are present in fish and also in oil. In fact, from an early age, our parents made us eat fish because it contains omega 3. In truth, they are not only present in fish, but we can also find them inside a vegetable.

Purslane or common porcelain

This is a free growing plant and is part of the edible field herbs. We can find it grown in vegetable gardens, but it so happens that we can see it growing among the cracks in the asphalt. Obviously, if we meet her on the street, we don’t go to pick her up to cook her. Let’s take the one you find at the supermarket, or at the market.

This plant has very green drop-shaped leaves and its taste is a little bitter and fresh, sweet and slightly salty at the same time. A taste that is certainly complex, but at the same time intriguing.

Hardly anyone knows about it but this plant contains a lot of omega 3 and we can eat it together with the salad

Purslane can be cooked in a variety of ways. We can eat it raw together with the salad with a little cheese, tomatoes, tuna and boiled potatoes. In the summer, large light salads go a long way, but they fill the stomach. So we can build it as we want with the foods we like best.

Furthermore, with common porcelain we can also make pesto. A little like basil or asparagus. For the asparagus pesto we can also use the white ones. A little rare to find but really delicious to eat both boiled and as pesto.

And, therefore, purslane can also be eaten as pesto. Perfect to combine with spaghetti, for example. You can also create a pesto that has this plant in part and basil on the other. A vegetable that we can use for many recipes and almost no one knows about it, but this plant contains many omega 3s which are important for our body.

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