Gutiérrez went through NASA and continues his tour this week his tour of the United States

The governor Omar Gutierrez and the Minister of Energy, Alejandro Monteiro, yesterday visited the NASA Space Center in Houston, United Statesas part of the official tour that began on Saturday and will last for a good part of the week. The president will continue earlier today with a speech at a breakfast organized by the IAPG and then leave for a tour of the Exxon oil company campus.

As reported yesterday from Government House, the president and the minister of the energy portfolio toured the different facilities that the center has. The Johnson Space Center leads NASA’s human spaceflight-related scientific and medical research programs.

The technologies developed for these space flights are used today in various areas of medicine, energy, transportation, agriculture, communications and electronics, the government said. “It has been a leader in space exploration for more than half a century and plays a fundamental role in the exploration of space and the improvement of technological and scientific knowledge for the benefit of all humanity,” he argued.

«The sanction of Law 3330 that creates the Neuquén Innovation Agency will mark a before and after in the development of equal opportunities within the framework of what today Neuquén is a pioneer in the knowledge economy, green economyinnovation, science and technology, and in a qualitative and quantitative leap in the development of our province”, assured Gutiérrez.

From the government they stated that the learning innovation center at Space Center Houston is “among the main resources of science education in the United States.” “The programs are based on national scientific standards and focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” they said.

«NASA and Silicon Valley are the great technological poles of the United States. We have to comprehensively address research, science and technologyapplied to the different economic sectors of our province to give added value to Neuquén production and generate quality jobs,” said the president.

Gutiérrez left for Houston on Friday and, as his first official activity, signed with Chevron executives the unconventional concession for the area the trapialclose to Rincón de los Sauces.

In the pilot stage of the project, which contemplates a period of three years, it is planned to invest 65.7 million dollars to drill, complete and start up five horizontal wellsplus another $13 million for related infrastructure. In parallel, the company also will leave for the province 50.2 million dollars for RSE (5.9 million dollars), exploitation bonus and area extension bonus.

Today he will speak at a breakfast organized by the IAPG Houston

This Monday, the activity of the governor in the United States will begin with a breakfast organized by the Instituto Argentino del Petróleo y el Gas Houston (IAPGH) at the Houstonian Hotel Club & Spa. The president will participate in the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the province and the IAPGH on “Best practices, energy transition and technological innovation” and will speak at a breakfast convened at 7:30.

According to the agency’s official website, Omar Gutiérrez will speak about the latest developments in the energy sector in the province, “with particular emphasis on the progress of Vaca Muerta”.

The tickets to participate in the breakfast with the governor, who will be accompanied by the Minister of Energy, Alejandro Monteiro, and the president of GyP, Alberto Saggesse, they cost $60 for members and $80 for nonmembers. Yesterday they were already sold out.

As reported by the government, after breakfast, Gutiérrez will go to the Exxon company campus, where a presentation will be made on energy transition, reduction of CO2 emissions and a visit to the oil company’s laboratory.

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