Green Smoothie: This is how you can prepare Kate Middleton’s daily breakfast

The royals have the ideal health secret to implement in their daily breakfasts with a simple, but very nutritious menu that helps them protect and care for their body and figure. The great secret of royalty is knowing which are the healthiest foods and mixing them together to obtain all the benefits they bring to the body.

Such is the case of Kate Middletonwho every morning accompanies his bowl of oatmeal and apple with a Green smoothie ideal for losing weight, preventing premature aging and for the body to receive nutrients such as vitamin C, iron and calcium, to name a few.

With this drink the Duchess of Cambridge achieves keep figure and have one Porcelain skin. So if, like her, you want to look beautiful, take note, because her smoothie It is super easy to prepare and it is very likely that you have in the refrigerator all the ingredients you need to prepare it.

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According to British tabloids like the MailOnline, Prince William’s wife drinks a smoothie prepared with at least five green leaf plants that provide the body with nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, minerals and anti-inflammatories that help the body and the organism to stay healthy.

To prepare this Kate Middleton Milkshake you need kale, spirulina algae, matcha, spinach, romaine lettuce, a few coriander leaves, and cranberry juice; Once you have the complete list of ingredients, all you have to do is place them in the blender with a little water until you get the consistency of smoothie.

Although we know that this and other drinks are usually accompanied by a little sugarIdeally, you should avoid it in this case, especially if you expect your body to receive all the nutrients from green leafy plants. If you follow the recommendation, you will also witness its detox effects

And if you’re still not entirely convinced, knowing that your sister-in-law Meghan Markle have a prepared similar will make you want to take it every morning, as the former actress takes her green juice with kale, spinach, lemon (which is very effective at burning fat) plus an apple and a piece of ginger.

With these ingredients, Prince Harry’s wife accompanies her balanced and protein-rich breakfast, as this drink provides fiber, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and other benefits to continue with the body detoxification. So don’t hesitate and put the secrets of the royals to the test, preferably always under the advice of health experts.


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