Government of Mexico organizes tlayudas festival after controversy at the airport

The Government of Mexico announced this Friday the organization of a festival of tlayudas (typical dish) in the Los Pinos Cultural Center for this weekend, after the controversy unleashed by the fact that, during the inauguration ofl Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), a woman will set up a stall to sell this dish.

“What was unthinkable is now possible: come for tlayudas, doraditas, tlaxcales and the best of popular Mexican cuisine at the Los Pinos Cultural Center,” Mexican Secretary of Culture Alejandra Frausto said on her official Twitter account.

In addition, he added, “in the House of Corn and Food Culture you will try the exquisite dishes prepared by Doña Lupita that come from the Felipe Angeles International Airport.

According to the publication, the festival will take place on March 26 and 27 in the former presidential residence of Mexico.

Last Monday, during the inauguration of the AIFA, one of the emblematic works of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, street vendors sold their products in the terminal building.

In videos that circulated on social networks, it was possible to see a woman who sold tlayudas, a typical dish from Oaxaca which consists of a white corn tortilla, circular, between 30 and 40 centimeters in diameter, to which ingredients such as beans, meat, avocado and cheese are added.

On Tuesday, during his morning press conference, Lopez Obrador He described as classism that the media reported the sale of tlayudas, considering that this is part of the ignorance of the cultural greatness of the country and of feeling superior to others.

“What happens to our adversaries is that their world is the one at the top of the pyramid and they think that’s Mexico, that’s why a lady selling tlayudas in an airport sees it as something extraordinary, as something improper,” he said.

He also said that foods such as tlayudas and tlacoyos are “the most nutritious thing there can be” because of their carbohydrate and protein content.

Continuing with the theme, on Thursday also in his press conference, the president proposed that one or two Grenache shops be installed in the AIFA.

“I think they should (sell) at one of the stores. I hope (they are sold) at the airport, I also agree with that, and even if they don’t like Garnachas and Picadas and Tlayudas, they would like to. Yes (I would ask that open) one or two places for this exquisite, succulent food, it’s our thing,” he said.

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