Government of León hires insurance for municipal assets, the helicopter is missing

Leon, Guanajuato.- For a total amount of 34.77 million, the Municipality of León contracted the insurance of municipal assets and life insurance for employees.

The Municipal Procurement Committee approved the allocation of five of the six items that were tendered, declaring void the one referring to the aviation category, in which there was no proposal. It was reported that the providers abstained until they waited for the conclusion of the aircraft repair municipality that seeks to insure.

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The process will now be to invite three providers and assign to the best proposal.

It was reported that this Wednesday the 23rd, the supplier who repairs the aircraft’s engine notified that it is ready, the helicopter is at the municipal facilities so that on Thursday the 24th they can install the engine and between Friday and Saturday the flight tests.

The insurance policy expires on March 31 and before that they wait hire the new

The providers that won the public tender in the five items are:

  • Properties and contents: Grupo Mexicano de Seguros: 2.72 million.
  • Land transportation: Qualitas Compañía de Seguros SA: 18.01 million.
  • Contractor team: Grupo Mexicano de Seguros: $95,990.
  • Life: La Latinoamericana Seguros SA: 13.92 million.
  • Ship: Mexican Insurance Group: $14,326.

The total of these five items is 34 million 772 thousand pesos. The contracts are valid from March 31, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

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The insurance service providers refrained from presenting a proposal for the Halcón helicopter, until it is repaired.

At another point, the face-to-face national public tender was declared void regarding the multi-year contract for the service of fuel supply and control (gasoline and diesel) for vehicles, machinery and equipment; on his first call.

Although three companies bought bases, only two submitted bids: Edenred from Mexico and Efectivale S. from RL The Committee decided that an invitation be made to the three initial candidates and to award the one who presents the best proposal.

Since 2019 it is Edenred the one that has won the contracts via direct adjudication.

For 2022 the contract was extended to March 31that day they assign the new one.

The councilors for Morena, Gabriela Echeverría González and Érika del Rocío Rocha, they voted against requesting to seek greater participation of suppliers.

asphalt purchase

In another matter, the exception of bidding and direct award for the acquisition of asphalt materials for the General Directorate of Public work.

The contract for 7.89 million pesos is for the company VISE SA de CV, and consists of 66,450 liters of asphalt emulsion and 4,430 tons of asphalt concrete, which is used in one year for the routine patching from the city.

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The legal justification was that, although there are three suppliers of this material in the city, only this company meets the essential requirements, such as the sufficient daily supplyon time and in conditions to apply.

Finally, it was approved extension of contracts cleaning and surveillance services for different municipal agencies, from April to June 30, 2022.

This while the completion of bidding processthat in a first call it was declared void due to exceeding the budget ceiling foreseen for the contracts (this is because it was not initially considered that the amount of the offers would increase by including in the bases that the suppliers increase their employees’ salaries).


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