Government enacts the school breakfast law for municipalities although the threat of taking over the institution persists

Governor Luis Fernando Camacho enacted the Complementary School Food Law, also known as school breakfast for municipalities. The rule allocates resources from the Government to reinforce the food that the municipalities offer to the students of fiscal schools and of agreement.

A scale categorizes the municipalities according to their needs, they will receive a percentage of aid according to it.

The promulgated law responds to a commitment assumed with the students of the entire department, said Camacho. In addition, it represents support for municipalities that manage fewer resources and have difficulties in offering school breakfast.

“With this law, the Government helps municipal governments by covering 80% of the costs to municipalities with fewer resources, 65% to municipalities with a medium income level and 50% to those that generate more resources. this way we do justice with our people because we guarantee school breakfast in our department and we give more support to those with fewer possibilities,” Camacho said.

The standard establishes three levels to categorize municipalities. According to this criterion, a percentage is allocated to cover the demand of schoolchildren.

The law was approved on Wednesday by the Departmental Legislative Assembly in a session that lasted more than five hours. Despite seeking consensus with municipal authorities and opposition assembly members, the discontent of some mayors keeps the alerts activated in the executive departmental.

At least 29 mayors signed the agreement, assured Camacho. Still, “four mayors are seeking, politically, to generate attrition,” he added.

A these mayors of the MAS what have been pushed by Evo Morales and the central government to threaten with a takeover of the Government, tell them that I am not going to allow it,” Camacho remarked.

This is how he responds to the warning issued by people related to the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) about a possible takeover of the Government for May 16.

“We have been patient in each and every one of their marches to the Government, we have attended them, we have given them solutions, but Since this is a political issue, we are also going to defend the institution politically; We are not going to allow any takeover by the MAS, nor by the current government and by Evo Morales,” he said.

The governor senses an orchestrated maneuver from the MAS with the purpose of wearing down his administration. They use the mayors under the excuse of demanding more resources and thus pressure the executive.

Camacho pointed out that It is not the Government’s obligation to cover the total school breakfast of the municipalities. “This competence corresponds to the municipalities”, he indicates. The intervention of the executive, by means of the enacted law, provides concurrent resources to alleviate the economy of the municipalities.

On the other hand, Fernando Pacheco, secretary of Health and Human Development of the Government, said that this departmental law is the product of the meetings and dialogue tables that the governor held with the mayors of the department.

“For the first time, in the history of the Government, a law is approved that will exceptionally categorize the municipalities with the aim of reactivating the economy in the municipalities that have lower tax revenues,” he added.