Gotham Talavera, mandatory stop in the Old Town of Talavera

Gotham Talavera, mandatory stop in the Old Town of Talavera

One of the best places to try a sensational mix of Mexican food in Talavera. In a comfortable and remarkable environment is, without a doubt, the restaurant Gotham, in Talavera. In this article we are going to talk to you about the main things you can find if you decide to pay them a visit.

main features

We are talking about a brewery specializing in fusion cuisine. Something that became fashionable a few years ago and that works very well in many aspects.

Gotham, in that sense, is not a novelty.

We are talking about a special place, since, inside the bar itself, is the old city wall. For that reason alone, it is already a remarkable site that draws attention for its decoration and location. From the bar itself it has been known to take advantage quite well in all aspects.

Another characteristic that we can mention is that it is a “dog friendly” bar. In other words, you can go with your pet without any problem, something that for many is an important advantage, as well as being a point in favor of all those who are animal lovers.

Inside of Gotham.

Everything that is the decoration is very careful, from the largest details to the smallest. That forms a set where we feel very comfortable inside the bar, which undoubtedly affects the feeling and the atmosphere.

local specialties

If you ask us what you should have here, we can recommend Mexican cuisine in general. Although, looking for something more precise, we recommend you try the “gourmet” hamburger, a whole universe of sensations.

It is a very suitable place for a small dinner with a good atmosphere, although you can go early, it is more focused on the late night. In that sense, and due to the quality of the food and its location within the historic center, it is a very good choice to have a good time.

Inside of Gotham.

Tapas also have a good place among the options that you will find here. Being a highly recommended tapas site, something that we can also see in all kinds of reviews and comments made by other clients.

Where is it located?

The place is located in the heart of Talavera, specifically in Calle Arco de San Pedro, number 2. It is a very central place in Talavera and with a lot of history. Which makes it an ideal place to combine it with other activities in the center or while you get to know the city if someone comes from outside. It is, for example, a good place while we show someone the city of Talavera.


To contact them, you can do so through the telephone number 670 866 703 or go directly to Calle Arco de San Pedro, 2. You can also go through social networks, specifically on Instagram. There you will see a large part of the offer, as well as all the news. It is one of the sites that should always be scheduled. Since you can always have the need to end a day having a drink here in the best way.