Get to know the types of Guanajuato Gastronomy

Guanajuato. Since pre-Columbian times, the entity has been the cradle and witness of popular, civil and religious manifestations and traditions.

In each of these rituals, food has played an essential role, in which Guanajuato has distinguished itself for its diversity in culinary art. The aromas, textures, colors, and flavors of Guanajuato dishes are full of history, symbols, and mysticism.

The gastronomic history of Guanajuato dates back to the ancient Chichimeca civilization, passing through the conquest of the Spanish, having as a determining date the French invasion and finding a reestablishment at the end of the Revolution.

However, at present, the cuisine of Guanajuato at the hands of the main chefs has had an important development, finding a fusion of traditional food with the adaptations of world haute cuisine, resulting in the most authentic and attractive dishes of the region.

In 2010, traditional Mexican cuisine was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, being the first cuisine in the world to receive such an honorable distinction.

Traditional cuisine

Garambullo, strawberry, xoconostle and a wide variety of cacti, are the ingredients that over the years have given incomparable aroma, texture, color and flavors to delicious recipes that transcend over the years preserving the seasoning of generations of Guanajuato residents. that today highlight the gastronomic identity of the State.

Currently there is a record of more than 240 traditional cooks, presenting their more than 400 recipes between savory dishes, sweets and traditional drinks.

With the desire to rescue the use of pre-Hispanic ingredients and promote nationally and internationally the products and dishes that are made in the state; the gastronomic program Guanajuato Sí Sabe! With events scheduled throughout the year, to be on everyone’s lips and leave the best taste of our exquisite cuisine.

There is no better way to rescue and spread the culinary richness of the State of Guanajuato than taking it to the archaeological zones that it possesses, that is how a gastronomic event was born that has brought great results and a lot of influx, “Traditional Cuisine Fair”, from In 2012, when the Traditional Cooks program was created, 18 fairs have been held with great success, in 5 destinations such as Plazuelas, Pénjamo; The Coporo, Ocampo; Peralta, Abasolo; El Llanito, Dolores Hidalgo CIN and Sangre de Cristo, Guanajuato.

contemporary kitchen

Food has played an essential role, in which Guanajuato has distinguished itself for its diversity in culinary art.

In the state you can find a large amount of gastronomic offer that goes from local markets where you can taste typical food of the region, to street stalls or inns.

Some of the typical dishes of the region that you should try are the enchiladas mineras, the bear broth, the macaws, pico de gallo with xoconostle, the air tacos or a rich cebadina to cool off.

Guanajuato also has top quality restaurants, with innovative proposals and haute cuisine, which delight locals and visitors.

International gastronomy

Chef David Quevedo raised the name of Guanajuato and Mexico in 2021 at the V World Tapas Championship in Valladolid, Spain. One of the most important international competitions that promotes the gastronomy of competing chefs by presenting innovative ideas in a small portion of food.

The “Ceremonial Stuffed Chile”, was the dish with which David participated, it is a ceremonial taco of Otomí origin, since it has a sealed tortilla wrapping a chili stuffed with stewed rabbit, it was presented in a paper Galereña, which is a representation that takes the meaning “of the sacrifice made by the traditional cooks of the Chichimeca and Otomí civilization, to deliver a tapa to their family.” What was qualified in this competition were the taste, the elaboration and finally that the dish had the possibility of being produced in the kitchen of a restaurant in a “massive” way.

Gastronomic Mexico Guide 2022

For providing a memorable and unique culinary experience, eleven restaurants in the state of Guanajuato are part of the 250 best restaurants in Mexico by being selected, awarded and recommended by Culinaria Mexicana, hand in hand with the renowned brands S. Pellegrino and Nespresso, in the “Mexico Gastronomic Guide 2022”.

The award-winning Guanajuato restaurants are: Casa Mercedes, located in Guanajuato capital; La Cocinoteca, Panchos Sea Food and Sato, located in the municipality of León; Áperi, Bovine, Marsalá Kitchen with Accents, 1826 -which is located inside the Hotel Rosewood, Trazo 1810 and Sal y Canto, located in San Miguel de Allende; and Bixa Cocina, located in Irapuato.

This is the seventh year in which industry professionals such as journalists, chefs, kitchen teams, sommeliers and suppliers meet to recognize and recommend the best restaurants that will be published in the Mexico Gastronomic Guide, edited by Culinaria Mexicana and printed by Larousse Kitchen.

We invite you to discover Guanajuato gastronomy in a renowned market or restaurant, we are sure that you will leave with a great taste in your mouth.