Get to know the new series in tribute to the drowned cakes – Diario Basta!

It is a new original series of Canela TV made in homage to the drowned cakes. Do you already know her?

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the filmmaker Bruno Madariagawith the production of Tajin Industries and kinescope moviesleads us to discover smells, flavors and colors that coexist in drowned cakes, through the series “Drowned”

To understand why the drowned cake is pride, identity and, above all, a delicacy worth sharing, a docuseries entitled “Drowned”which will premiere today April 6 exclusively on the free streaming platform Canela.TV on Mexico united states and Latin America.

Then we can learn more about the traditional dish of jalisco a bread is filled with carnitas, bathed in spicy sauce and pickled onions.

is the filmmaker Bruno Madariaganative of the CDMX and adopted by guadalajarain alliance with Industrias Tajín and Cinescopio Films, delivers four chapters to “savor” from start to finish the conception of a dish to which the guests of Guadalajara pay what we could describe as “cult”.

Flavors of Mexico

In support of the traditions of Mexico and gastronomy as a cultural factor, Industrias Tajín is part of this project, with which it pays homage to this Tapatio delicacy and endorses its commitment to the preservation of Mexican roots, sharing with the world this dish representative of the popular Jalisco cuisine.

“I consider myself a Chilapatío, because I was born in CDMX, but I have been adopted as a Guadalajara for more than 25 years. I know that ten years after someone moves to New York they can be called a New Yorker, things are not so easy here, Jalisco has its roundabouts that are handled backwards, not to mention that in order to fully experience the culture of In the area, you have to fall into the curiosity of soaking bread in sauce and, moreover, becoming addicted to it”, explains Madariaga.

Faced with the saying that “a repentant sinner is better than a hundred just”, the filmmaker was carried away by gluttony and turned his insatiable craving for drowned cakes into a project of four agile episodes where he deciphers one by one the most “fast food” famous in Guadalajara, the one that works just as well to feed children as it does to get rid of hangovers in adults.

Visually, the docuseries portrays the reddest, brightest, and spiciest of this dish, whose colorful and saturated aesthetic synergizes with the markets, popular signs, and hustle and bustle of Guadalajara’s neighborhoods. The development of “Ahogadas” took place over three months, added to 4 weeks of pre-production, 61 days of filming and 9 months of post-production, to air exclusively through Canela.TV, the most popular free video streaming platform. rapid growth in Latin America.


Alex González, drummer of the group Maná, narrates in a box how was the time that his group craved the workers of the Televisa forums for this delicacy; but the anecdotes do not stop there and also include those of the moneros Trino and Jis; footballer Daniel Guzmán, plastic artist José Dávila and a list of chefs, actresses, foodies and more, who demonstrate how a great dish transcends places, professions and ideologies, under the premise that flavor rules.

At first glance, the torta ahogada could be fried pork, served on bread, bathed in a sauce that, due to its spiciness, would give more suffering than joy; however, the concept that the filmmaker describes as a “docucomedia” reveals the universe of the “Drowned”.

The locations include the best places to fit the tooth in a drowned cake, but also the bakeries of yesteryear that make the “Salty Birote”, which has its origin in the times of Maximilian. And what about the sauce made with Yahualica chili, as a cultural fact, it should be noted that this type of chili has, since 2014, Designation of Origin (DO) in Jalisco (the second most important in the entity after Tequila), and It is the star ingredient for this dish, and even for the birria.

The narration also leads us to know how a religious persecution during the Colony, gave rise to the succulent carnitas; without overlooking the discussion of whether an extravagant itch is a pleasure or an inalienable suffering.

With millions of users in the US, Mexico and Colombia, Canela.TV produces its first Original Canela and literally gets into the kitchen, showing us with entertaining and highly illustrative content, how cultural attributes are built within Mexican gastronomy. You can enjoy this docuseries without paying a subscription, through its website, on its application for iOS and Android mobile devices, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast, as well as through devices with Google TV and Samsung TV. Don’t wait any longer! It’s time to open your senses to “drown” the craving.