Get international and prepare nothing more and nothing less than some delicious Peruvian humitas

When we get bored food always, we usually look for options to get out of the routineto try new flavors and above all so that we enjoy it with much joybecause eating is one of the rituals What else could we be neglecting in this age of immediacybecause we are running all the time, trying to save as much time as possible, but sometimes, we sacrifice flavor for speed and practicality.

However, if you are one of those people who still has a great time cooking, well honestly we have to tell you that you are in danger of extinction, because today no one wants to preserve those customs and traditionsjust enjoy them, because how many people do we know who are full of praise for a mass, for instance? Many, but how many of them are going to wake up their grandmother to ask her for her recipe or better yet: for her to teach them how to cook? Few.