Get cholesterol down with this quick and delicious seasonal salad that may also have cancer-fighting benefits

After the Christmas dinners and the idleness of the holidays it is time to get back in shape. Spring is fast approaching and in order not to be caught unprepared for the costume test, now we need to start preparing the strategy. The two levers to work on are physical activity and healthy eating habits. Medicine teaches us that health passes above all to the table, in particular the Mediterranean diet.

Seasonal fish, fruit and vegetables not only help you lose weight but also help ward off certain diseases such as cholesterol. For example, those who love first courses must pay attention not only to the quantity of the pasta but also to its sauce. Anyone can make a lightning-fast dish of garlic and oil-based pasta that has zero cholesterol.

Always paying attention to cholesterol there are foods that more than others help to lower the level of bad fats in the blood. Those suffering from high cholesterol this season can opt for a dish of ribollita alla Arezzo. Those who love fish can focus on stuffed sardines. These dishes are also line-proof because they have less than 400 calories. But many other dishes are allies of the line and enemies of cholesterol.

Get cholesterol down with this quick and delicious seasonal salad that may also have cancer-fighting benefits

The salads par excellence are dishes with a very low calorie value and perfect for keeping cholesterol under control. One of these, typical of the season, is the cauliflower salad with avocado. According to Humanitas nutritionists, a hectogram of cauliflower has only 25 calories but is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Furthermore, this vegetable is rich in vitamin C which helps to raise the immune system, an important function in this season. Potassium, which helps protect cardiovascular health, is also present in large quantities in this vegetable.

Avocado is higher in calories than cauliflower. 230 calories are absorbed for every 100 grams of avocado. This fruit is also very rich in potassium and also in vitamin C. It should be emphasized that according to the medicine both avocado and cauliflower could have an anticancer activity.

So here’s a cholesterol-lowered recipe with this quick and delicious salad that anyone can easily make in just 10 minutes. You need 100 grams of cauliflower and 50 grams of avocado, oil, pepper, salt and lemon. The cauliflower is washed under running water and cut into thin slices that are seasoned with oil, salt and lemon. This preparation is left to marinate for a few minutes. In the meantime, cut the avocado into cubes and sprinkle it with a little lemon. Finally, the cauliflower and avocado are combined and the salad is ready.


Of the fall vegetables this is the most effective for preventing bad cholesterol and cancer

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