Gastronomic podcasts to make your mouth water

Podcasts have become very popular in recent years and we can find one with the theme we want. The gastronomic area does not escape and today there are many that you can enjoy. If you are a kitchen professional or if you just want to introduce yourself to this wonderful world, you will be able to learn and enjoy everything from restaurant recommendations to international gastronomy-oriented news. At Club Paula Cocina we present a list of 5 podcasts that you might like.

1. A Chef in your Kitchen

This podcast focuses on Mexican food and in each episode you will be able to learn a new recipe. The hosts are Gabriela Warkentin, a Mexican communicator, and the comedian Manu Nna, who weekly interview a chef and deliver the best data to apply at home with a fun conversation. You can listen to it here

2. Let’s talk about Food

A culinary podcast hosted by Daniel Orly Martínez and chef Paul González covering the gastronomic wealth of Latin America and the Caribbean. In its episodes, various Latin American chefs are invited to discuss recipes, news and in-depth information about the gastronomic industry. you can listen to them here

3. The desktop

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In this podcast you will be able to listen to the most relaxed and human side that good food generates. It focuses on conversations, opinions and gastronomic experiences told in a natural and unfiltered way. They host guests each week to chat and learn about food culture and must-visit restaurants around the world. you can listen to them here

4. Between Beers

A Spanish podcast whose mission is to help the brewer or brewer to raise their level of knowledge about this elixir. They share every week the news and techniques of the artisanal preparation, the fermentation processes, its varieties and new strains. The public can submit their questions to be answered in the different episodes in addition to having expert guests to deepen the conversations. you can listen to them here

5. Eat Well

If healthy food is your thing, you will surely like this podcast. Bien Comer is led by the Mexican nutritionist Fernanda Alvarado who created the program for all those people who are interested in improving their diet and a healthy lifestyle. It covers various topics on how to start, the problems we may have, mistakes to avoid in addition to everyday life. You can listen to it here

What do you think about this list? Do you listen to any podcast the gastronomic world? Tell us in the comments which one is your favourite!