gastro bar that pays tribute to the Mexican grain

When we talk about corn, immediately comes to mind the Mexican gastronomy, one of the ingredients that are part of the base of our kitchen since pre-Hispanic times, and that today continues to evolve and surprise us. An example of this is the Maíz Tinto restaurant, located in the Roma neighborhood, and run by the chef Ulises Palafox, who, in each dish and cocktail, gives you a new interpretation to the Mexican grain. Meet him! Photos: Gabriel Núñez, Ana Belen Ortiz and Adobe Stock.

Red corn: the Mexican grain as a canvas


In this elegant and fresh gastronomic space, in which corn is the driving force of the kitchenChef Palafox gives his personal touch to the use local seasonal products, but prepared with techniques of different gastronomies of the world, that he acquired throughout his career, and that give each dish his personal and unique touch.

Here you will be greeted with a traditional mexican drink as is he tejuino, cocktail prepared with nixtamalized corn, mezcal, corn liquor, cacahuazintle and lemon juice, who gave him a super turn to drink originating from Jalisco. And as a courtesy from the chef we enjoyed some Esquites roasted with onion ash, which was the perfect prelude to further whet our appetite and prepare for the following dishes.


Corn to the sound that they play

At Maíz Tinto we assure you that you will be satisfied and amazed by the fusion of flavors what will you try We first enjoyed chef Palafox’s seafood dish proposal, who offered us a green shrimp aguachile with leche de tigre foam, that we were fascinated to enjoy with artisan toast, which helped balance the acidity of the dish.

We continue with a black mole with vacuum chicken breast and baby cornBut what would a delicious mole be without its corn tortillas? Therefore, in Maíz Tinto prepare some handmade tortillas made with holy leaf, which are a real delicacy. We also loved that the portions are plentiful so we highly recommend you go with a big appetite, so you can try everything.


What’s on the Maíz Tinto menu?

Its letter is robust and can take you from the sea to the land with their aguachiles, shrimp al pastor, tuna burger, or from the farm you can try the drowned cake or sirloin burger. It also has salads and pastas that you will love.

The desserts deserve a separate mention, since they have creations such as the corn tamales with filleted almonds, peanuts and a roasted guava jam, that are the perfect closing for a great gastronomic experience like the one offered by Maíz Tinto. also enjoy brownies, cornbread, french bread, vegan capirotadaor the seasonal dessert: strawberry jamaica delight which is prepared with jamaica sorbet, whipped cream with mamey seeds, vanilla and sliced ​​strawberries.

red corn

If you want to enjoy Mexican food with a contemporary touch, come to Maíz Tinto, which you should also know that inside you will find the Taco Republic, shared space where you will make a tour of the most emblematic tacos in the country, but that, that’s another story! Where. Colima #220, North Rome. Average Check: $500 per person. I G: @maiztinto

also knows Cencalli, the new museum of corn and food culture.