From this Monday breakfast is distributed to schools in La Paz

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Starting this Monday, the rations of the complementary school food will be delivered daily to the educational units that returned to face-to-face classes, the Mayor’s Office of La Paz reported this Sunday.

The food will reach all the schools depending on the return of the students to the classrooms.

“We hope that from tomorrow (Monday) we can deliver daily, since it varies a lot by macro-districts and zones,” said the municipal secretary of Education and Social Development, Amparo Morales.

“There are still educational units that have not decided to return in person despite the fact that the Departmental Directorate of Education has instructed, but we are following up to deliver accordingly,” he added, citing an institutional bulletin.

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The municipality awarded the provision of school breakfast for the 2022 and 2023 administrations to three companies, which provide the rations of baked food, honey and fruit, in addition to the so-called miscellaneous and dairy products, to more than 137 thousand schoolchildren from public educational units and of agreement of the initial, primary and secondary levels.

Morales specified that, for two weeks, the snack was delivered in packages for five days.

While another batch reached the parents of students who pass classes in a blended and virtual way.

“Since there were face-to-face classes, it had been decided in the first instance to carry out the distribution by macrodistrict and one day a week to be able to deliver the five rations of the week,” said the municipal authority.


Schoolchildren enjoy baked goods such as rice bread, almond cakes, from different varieties of wheat, most with cereals, “so that it is not the ordinary flour that we know, and that they can really nourish” children and young people.

In the batch of fruits and honey, depending on the fruit season, bananas, tangerines and other fruits are delivered, in addition to the honey that will accompany the rations.

Among the dairy and miscellaneous, breakfast has yogurt and flavored milk.

“The daily rations are going to be varied, already seeing according to the products that we have,” he said.