From the University to the streets of Trento, in vending machines ready salads instead of snacks and snacks: “Great success among workers and students”

TRENTO. “Our goal is to give one innovative dimension And different to the distributors automaticproviding instead of snack And snacks food good And healthywith a particular focus on the environment“. And the formula devised by Gianni Giovanniniowner a People of the restaurant Oro Stubelike: after i three vending machines from salads ready at the University of Trentoalso the IGold Salad“In via Santa Claus Cross is collecting a Optimal success.

As he tells us Giovanniniwhich this year opened a new society (Gold Salad precisely) just to push in the direction of automated sales from ready saladsthe first ‘experiment‘was made a UniTn where, for years now, the students of the department of Economyof the pole scientific and technological from People and of the civil, environmental and mechanical engineering department of Mesiano they can taste, with a cost that varies from 6 to 7 eurosof the ‘box‘containing salad, squash, seasonings And silverware. All strictly biodegradable.

“The idea initially was to supply inside vending machines a healthy alternativealso breaking down the costs – Giovannini explains to the Dolomiti – once we left we saw that the feedback has been very good between students, teachers And researchers university students“. Hence the choice of go out from the university and also make available to the citizens the salads from Gold Salad thanks to the store in via Santa Croce.

“This is for us the year zero – continues the owner of OroStube – we have started the OroSalad bar (open every day 24 hours on 24 ed) in Trento at the beginning of the summer, but in order to give a first final balance of the results for the launch of a vending machine you usually have to wait about 6 months“. Little is still missing then, but already now Giovannini says he is “surprised” of the number of citizens who, who to bring the lunch to the Workwho to bring the price a Homeeveryday they stop to the distributor and choose theirs favorite salad.

“We also launched a new site – Giovannini explains – let’s say that we aim to be the competitor from another dish which is going strong in this period, the poker. This year we have fielded a strong investment to achieve a kind of rebranding and to make ours known product at the citizenship. We make salads for a lifetime and the beauty is that it is possible to combine the profit to the delightfulgiving birth to dishes healthy with elements tasty And tantalizing“.

OroSalad is currently dealing with reality privatewith the Province from Trento and other entities to be able to to install other stations. Many alternatives made in laboratory of societywith the chef who proposes every week new tastes And combinations suitable for everyone needs foodbut always giving priority ingrediants fresh and of season. “A few years ago we have also gave birth to a vegetable garden – Giovannini concludes – to make it clear that what we propose to the our customers that’s all flour of the our lot. At the moment we are Very satisfiedthe results are they see“.