From Mexico to the world: these are the countries where the taco is also the King

The Mexican tacos they are an elixir for foreigners, not only in the United States, for example, in the Scandinavian countries, in Denmark and Sweden, they are a success. They are also a favorite in Finland and Norway.

Animal Gourmet reported that Rosio Sanchez, “pastry chef at NOMA (one of the most awarded restaurants in the world), left this kitchen to open in Copenhagen a small place where the locals have fallen in love with its ranchero, mole and carnitas tacos”.

La Hija de Sánchez is the name of this place, which also sells barbecue and queso fresco tacos, quesadillas, flautas, popsicles, and Mexican drinks: tepache and micheladas. According to the media, the chef has imported Creole corn from Oaxaca to have fresh tortillas.

In Helsinki, Finland, there are also spaces dedicated to Mexican tacos, such as the Taqueria the King and Town. The first one has barbecue, carnitas, weathered fish and pumpkin flower, as well as enchiladas, enmoladas and tlacoyos. In the second, stew tacos are offered: tinga, wire, vegetables and shrimp, quesadillas and carnitas tacos.

Animal Gourmet points out that another place in Helsinki is Taquería Ahorita, which offers “tacos of suckling pig, chicken, fish and cheese with different sauces that are accompanied with guacamole and lemonade.”

In Sweden, says the media, Ricardo Medrano opened La Neta. Animal Gourmet mentions that there are “shepherd tacos, chilorio, suadero and steak served in corn and wire tortillas, gringa and campechanos in flour tortillas. There are also beans, tortilla chips and choriqueso. Of course, the vanilla flan and the beers just like authentic Mexican taquerias.”

In Norway in 2014, Mexican tacos came fourth in a radio station vote.

Animal Gourmet recalled that Nud Dudhia “the creator of Breddos Tacos in London (…) knows the importance of the figure of corn in tacos to make tortillas and puts it into practice not only in London, but also in its Scandinavian stage” .

A year ago in April, Mexican tacos were a hit in Berlin, Germany. Taquería el Oso witnessed a long line of Germans looking for try some tacos al pastor.

At that time, the video showing the situation was shared by the Mexican journalist Yaotzin Bello, who is a resident of Germany.

THE UNIVERSAL recorded a year ago in a note by Samara Monroy that “although Taquería el Oso Berlin still does not have a fixed establishment, the team makes sales in various restaurants and bars around the German capital to offer its tacos al pastor.”

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Mexican food is also present in Barcelona: there are the restaurants La Catrina, Chilango’s, Oaxaca, Panchito and Taco Alto.

Mexicans are also aware of the popularity of their tacos abroad. Sandra Hernández is the manager of the El Morocho taqueria, who states:

“The French, the Spanish, the Koreans, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Australians, the Russians have all come,” and they all “leave happier” after discovering an original taco.

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“Maybe they have the idea but they don’t know what a taco is. A lot of foreigners have come here and they say ‘I didn’t eat a taco like that’. It has nothing to do with it. They have the tradition of a taco that is not” , he emphasizes, happy that his taqueria has satisfied international customers.

With information from EFE

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