Friauville. Alexandra, in the name of sugar and inventiveness

Attracted by the smell, “dazzled” by the sight of it. It was a “Winnie the Pooh” cake, made by a cake-designer from Metz, that transformed Alexandra’s life. “It smelled good of vanilla, was sprinkled with glitter,” still remembers the former apprentice at the Raymond-Mondon training center. Finished the kitchen, it is the pastry that will now guide his life!

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Orientation change

“It tickled me since the 3and but I had not dared to take this path, recognizes the resident of Friauville. After my ES baccalaureate, I still tried a CAP in cooking, at 18, thinking that was what I wanted to do. From her work-study year at the Amnévillois restaurant La Forêt, she retains the rigor and meticulousness that still serve her today when she creates her works as colorful as they are sweet. Because Alexandra, who has become a pastry chef, founded her cake-design micro-company on November 4, 2020 “and it works pretty well! “.

Eight years of experience

But back to its beginnings! “At the age of 19 at the Wisniewski pastry shop in Jarny, reveals the young woman, then at Jean’s in Metz where Maxime Haberey taught me everything, almost giving me carte blanche. » Obtaining her complementary mention, then the technical trades certificate with mention “very good”, led her to be immediately hired by Fischer in Uckange. The idea to start comes a little later when, happy mother of Gabin, she leaves for a month in training at the school of cake design in Paris to test her level.

“I went back there these days to discover phenomenal Belarusian artists”, enthuses the one from whom we order both cupcakes to accompany the coffee and mounted pieces worthy of American TV series. And to arouse gluttony by evoking his latest creations: “Sugar lollipops for a Jarny hairdressing salon celebrating its five years. A wedding cake on the theme of travel where everything can be eaten: the compass, the planisphere, the suitcase. A birthday cookie for a mayor with a suit wrapped in a tricolor scarf…”

“Unique cakes for children, adults, companies”

The boss of Le Loup Rose, the name of her company – “like the animal tattooed on my skin and my girly side” – loves taking up challenges. “For a manga fan, I don’t hesitate to watch the film that talks about the character”, underlines Alexandra, between documentation and pencil strokes before attacking the sugar paste. Count “between €30 and €1,300” depending on the request, the size of the work, the number of hours of work. The price of a certain know-how.