French toast: all the secrets of a movie dessert

The toasts French are an iconic dish from the northern countries. They are tasty, cheap and very easy to make. You can eat them as a snack, for breakfast or anytime you want something sweet. Today you will learn it is delicious recipe. The interesting thing about this recipe is that you can prepare them sweet or salty. If you want them to be salty, simply add a little salt to the egg you are going to use and try with ingredients such as arugula, brie cheese or avocado. It goes very well with Serrano ham and becomes a perfect brunch.

For our dish today, we will add bananas and strawberries. But, if you don’t like it, you can use blueberries or any other fruit. Also, we will use cocoa and hazelnut spread, you can use the brand that you like the most. Get to work and enjoy this recipe. If you are not a fan of the option proposed here, do not worry. You can use the preparation that you like the most. Pastry cream, cream, lemon curd or dulce de leche are other safe options that go very well with fruits and nuts. Enjoy our recipe from toasts french