Free breakfast and cribs, amenities guests are looking for in 2022

The pandemic affected almost every aspect of our lives, including how we look for our next stay in a hotel, This is how Talita Ferreira, director of public relations for, considered it.

“Some preferences, like free breakfast, remain unchanged, while the experiences guests are seeking have changed over this time,” he said.

Key takeaways from the 2022 Amenities Report include:

I work from anywhere. It seems that a change of scenery can be a good solution for Mexicans. Searches for business facilities are up 100% this year compared to 2019, and interest in hotels with meeting facilities is up 32%.

Tubs and spas. Whether it’s a cry for help or just good old-fashioned self-care, bathtubs have been among the top four most searched hotel amenities for the past two years. Year-to-date searches are up 117% from 2019, and interest in spas is up 55% as well.

Cook from the hotel. From baking bread, to trying that awesome TikTok pasta, cooking was all the rage last year, both at home and on the go. Kitchens were the most searched fourth service in 2021 and the trend continues as searches are up 36% this year.

Current trend

It’s easy to see that families have sorely missed quality vacation time together. The crib searches (+190%) and of connecting rooms (+175%) have increased three digits so far this year. And let’s not forget the little four-legged ones either: Interest in pet-friendly properties is up 125 percent.

The free breakfast It has been the main service since practically the beginning of time, and the data shows that this will continue for a long time. This year the search for breakfast has already increased 148 percent.

Popular destinations in Easter 2022

International: The United States is on the rise, with Las Vegas (Nevada) in first place, followed by New York (New York), San Diego (California), Orange County (California), Los Angeles (California), Orlando (Florida) and Madrid ( Spain).

In Mexico: Mexicans are looking for a place next to the sun, such as Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco) as the main national destination, followed by Cancún (Quintana Roo), Mazatlán (Sinaloa), Riviera Maya (Quintana Roo), Mexico City (CDMX) and Yucatán.