Franco Noriega, the sexiest chef in the world, speaks his heart to us exclusively

Talking about versatility is talking about the chef Franco Noriega who recently debuted as a judge of the most famous cuisine in Mexico: junior masterchef. In the midst of the success that this edition is having, the chef of Peruvian origin spoke exclusively with hello com Mexico about his entry to Mexican television, which, according to what he told us, received him with open arms. From his restaurant in New York, Ember babythe also model told us about how was his jump from the catwalks to the kitchen, his taste for our country and even his marital status. The chef also gave us a preview of Seamos francos con Franco Noriega, the podcast that he will launch next month in which he will talk about entrepreneurship because, before anything else, he is a businessman who wants to share some advice with the world in this area.


For his Mexican fans, every Friday night he has an appointment with chef Franco Noriega on the screen of Masterchef Junior where he has quickly won the affection of the public who already knew him thanks to the collaborations he made with the program in editions pass: “Working with children has been a super Russian of positive emotions and the truth is that I have a very nice experience”recognized. The new judge confessed that all the contestants have what they need to reach the final: “20 children have come who have really surprised us with their culinary skills, because they are on another level”. Franco Noriega admits that there is no age for cooking, but at the beginning of the competition he felt worried: “I remember that, when I first came to the program, Seeing little children with little hands of this size cutting with those knives, I said: ‘No! They are going to cut off a fingerbut the truth is that no, rarely there was an accident, “he said.

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Like the children of Masterchef Junior, Franco Noriega discovered, from a very young age, his taste for cooking: “I began to be interested, first, because my nana, Delfina, the cook par excellence in my house, always cooked wonderfully and we loved cooking together. But also because my parents have food businesses, ”she explained to us. With your official entrance to the most famous kitchen in Mexico, we wanted to know, what is your favorite national dish?: “My favorite food has always been tacos. Mexican gastronomy is abundant and is one of the best in the world. I am completely in love with food,” he admitted. In addition to the food, Franco Noriega recognized that our country has conquered it: “The most beautiful thing that Mexico has is its people, the kindness of the people. The Mexican makes you feel Mexican from the first day, you never feel that you do not belong to the culture, they immediately make you feel at home And I feel like that’s a really nice thing.”

Although he is now a well-known chef in Mexico and the rest of the world, before making history in the kitchen, Franco Noriega rose to worldwide fame in the world of modeling where began at the age of 19 when he was discovered by a famous photographer and made his debut on the runway of Dolce and Gabbana: “It was a very big brand to start modeling. Thanks to them I was able to model for other brands Gucci, Hugo Boss and so on”. Although he quickly positioned himself as a model, Franco discovered that it was time to fly to other horizons: “I realized that the model’s work was basically the same. You are the star of the photo shoot, but you have no say in creative terms. I decided that I also had something to say and wanted to assert my point of view..

It was precisely his work in fashion that, now that he is in the kitchen, earned him the title of The sexiest chef in the world, a nickname that he gladly accepts: “I feel very flattered, go figure! Definitely lucky that they think I’m the sexiest chef in the world and I’m happy with that title.”. More sincere than ever, Franco Noriega confessed to us that, at this moment, his heart is free: “I’m single, totally single. Right now I’m just, with so much travel, I’m living between New York, Brazil and Mexico the truth is that I’m focused on what work is, but I’m sure, love will come”, he assured. When we asked her the ideal menu for a romantic dinner, she said: “Something that isn’t too heavy. A ceviche, an aguachile can work very well. In Mexico they have the chiluda oyster which is a great aphrodisiac, chocolates, strawberries, a simple menu and above all, that can be replicated”, he advised.

It’s important to fail

With a versatility that few possess, to our surprise, Franco Noriega revealed that his great passion in life is not cooking, modeling or high-performance sports, rather, he feels fulfilled as an entrepreneur, a situation for which he gave the task of creating Let’s be frank with Franco Noriega, a project that will see the light of day next month: “The greatest passion I have is being an entrepreneur, having businesses, I really like monetizing my ideas”. In this sense, the chef took the opportunity to send some business advice to our readers: “Let them take the risk of doing it, even if things don’t go well. Behind a success story, there are many moments of failure that don’t come to light, but it is important to fail, it is important that things do not go well because, from those mistakes you learn a lot”. With his head held high, the Peruvian revealed to us how he deals with failure: “The most important thing we have entrepreneurs is resilience to fall and get up again, I think it has to become a habit. I fall all the time, but the faster you get up, the better. get up and carry on”, he finished.