For an orange salad rich in vitamin C and iron one could add artichokes and other good ingredients

There are dishes that never go out of fashion and that are found among different peoples, such as those based on chicken, rice, fish and cous cous. Others that, on the other hand, due to the availability of raw materials, can only be tasted in certain places in the world. As for salads, they are an easy preparation in which the ingredients can be varied. In fact, there are many vegetables that can be used, combined, perhaps with other foods. Just let yourself be guided by your imagination.

A classic salad of Sicilian cuisine also includes the use of fruit, more precisely of a citrus fruit, the orange, a fruit rich in properties. In fact, oranges contain vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and other elements including iron. This mineral is also present in other foods, such as vegetables, meat, fish and even legumes. Its absorption is favored by the presence of vitamin C. The Sicilian salad with oranges and black olives has several variations. There are those who combine onion, some capers or olive oil is also combined with white vinegar. This salad is excellent as a side dish to meat and fish, and can also be enjoyed making it a single dish by mixing animal protein sources.

For an orange salad rich in vitamin C and iron one could add artichokes and other good ingredients

Ingredients for an orange and artichoke salad with black olives:

  • 4 oranges;
  • 4 artichokes;
  • 15 pitted black olives;
  • a lemon;
  • extra virgin olive oil;
  • salt and pepper.

Peel the oranges and peel them. Cut them into large pieces and place them in a salad bowl.

Now let’s dedicate ourselves to the artichokes by depriving them of the outer leaves and cutting the tip. Then you will need to divide them in two and remove the part with the beard. At this point, cut the artichokes into slices and immerse them in water with lemon juice to prevent them from turning black. Add the pitted black olives, a pinch of salt, pepper and a little extra virgin olive oil to the oranges. Drain the artichokes, add them to the salad and mix.

This salad is excellent as a side dish to meat and fish.

Other ideas

For an orange salad rich in taste and benefits, here are other versions:

  • take two chicken breasts, boil or grill them and add them fillets to the salad;
  • or, sear some salmon in a pan, cut it and add it to the oranges and artichokes;
  • another quick solution is to use canned tuna or mackerel;
  • a tasty alternative is to add legumes to this salad. Chickpeas are good, but also beans.
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