food from the Mexican coasts in a small and beautiful place in Roma

Pargo intertwines symmetry and geometry with some Art Deco elements from the 1920s that transport us to the beach.

parrot is the new restaurant chef alexis ayala that pays tribute to the products of the Mexican coast through dishes full of creativity, in which the expertise of his time in various world-renowned kitchens is reflected. With a casual proposal and a minimalist atmosphere, this space does not go unnoticed thanks to its incredible design by the firm RA! Architects. You have to meet him!

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Photo: Pargot

The culinary world has evolved giving life to projects that are no longer only concerned with food; They also want their guests to have unique sensory and visual experiences, which is why parrot it’s so special. In front of the premises you can see two periqueras, some high bars that are adorned with a golden support that shows the variety of wines and distillates of the premises. Taking up some elements of art deco from the 1920s that intertwine symmetry and geometry, you can see the low lambrines in the bar that is made up of white concrete micro terrazzo with blue, gray and yellow stones, reminiscent of the sand of the sea.

Photo: Pargot

The design not only converges with the idea of ​​the menu, but also the drinks and service part are elements that make parrot a unique place in Rome. A project that backs up the career of chef Alexis Ayala, and his time in kitchens such as: El Bulli, Pujol, Amaranta and Enjoy, among others. In addition to his Tacos Alexis project, where design is also an important part of the experience, in addition to that touch of high kitchen that Alexis prints on each of her creations.

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Photo: Pargot

In its short but concise menu you will find sea specialties with a personal and creative touch from the chef; Grilled kampachi with chintextle – a smoked chili paste typical of Oaxaca – and green mojo; Flat bread with quelites pesto, burrata, lemon chutney, red mullet bottarga and chili oil, the latter is a complete sensory game on the palate. In the appetizers, the raw ones stand out; Sea bass ceviche –hoja santa and coconut tiger milk with jalapeño aioli–, raw horse mackerel with habanero emulsion, sumac and vinaigrette kumquat with lollipop.

Photo: Pargot

In each of its Pargot dishes, it offers a range of flavors from world cuisines with a Mediterranean touch and sustainable products. In addition to the spectacular presentations that chef Alexis offers in each of his creations, which make you go from the conventional to an experience full of design and detail. If you are looking for new culinary proposals that are worth knowing, without a doubt, parrot It will leave a good taste in your mouth.