Flavors of Mexico: from micheladas and “chiles” to fusion cuisine

You travel to Mexico along the golden beaches. It is also chosen for its living culture and the ancient tradition that can be seen in every corner. Above all, it is preferred by its gastronomy, with classics ranging from appetizers to micheladas, without forgetting tacos, among a host of internationally famous dishes.

In the northern country, ingredients such as chili peppers, corn and beans rule the culinary scene. It should be noted that Mexicans call the first ones “chiles”. Coming from capsicum plants, they are fruits of a huge variety, such as jalapeños, serranos or guajillos.

Countless flavors in each region of the country

From street delicacies like quesadillas to sophisticated restaurant menus. In Cabo San Lucas, for example, it is possible to experience the nuances of local gastronomy with a modern twist, with a cosmopolitan profile.

This is because the avant-garde cuisine of chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa, recognized as one of the great masters of fusion cuisine, stands out in the city. The pages of his menus never cease to amaze with brave mixes between Mexican ingredients and the culinary tradition of Japan.

Fusion and other flavors of Cabo San Lucas

In the menu of the Nobu restaurant located in Nobu Hotel Los Cabos you can find delicacies such as “Jurel Jalapeño” both within the options of “Sushi Maki” and among the hot and cold dishes. In this last category, pieces such as “Callo de Hacha” or “Roasted Cauliflower” are presented, in both cases with “Jalapeño Sauce”, to mention examples.

The RCD Hotels chain resort is located at the southern end of the Baja California Peninsula. In addition to offering luxurious rooms, shops, swimming pools and the Nobu restaurant that faces the Pacific beaches, the complex allows you to continue exploring flavors beyond the Japanese master’s proposal.

Nobu Hotel Los Cabos also has the culinary experiences of Pacific Restaurant, which offers a concept of Mexican food and pairings of tacos and mezcal; and Ardea Steakhouse, with a variety of fire-cooked meat dishes, pizzas and traditional pastas, always with typical ingredients from the area.

Finally, for those who prefer to delve into the flavors of Mexico through colorful drinks, there is the opportunity to try the famous margaritas, the lesser-known pigeons or micheladas, a favorite among locals, which are prepared by mixing beer, lemon juice, spicy and salt.