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Flavor is Polanco – Millennium Group

In the 70s, Alejandro Garza started organizing events, worked alongside Raúl Velasco in Always on Sunday; events such as having brought Michael Jackson to the Azteca Stadiumthrough the Canto Nuevo company; now prepares a tribute to Juan Gabriel and this weekend will resume, after the pandemic, Flavor is Polancothe gastronomic event that he created to project the richness and diversity of Mexican cuisine and from other latitudes.

The executive, responsible for the Inter-institutional Relations of the CIE Corporation, assures that he already has everything ready for the appointment at Campo MarteSo consistent with his philosophy, “always check everything” so there is no margin for error.

Sabor es Polanco is back

Yes, exactly 24 months later, the previous one was on March 7, 2020. It was the last nice event in Mexico City when we were not even worried about covid. That’s why it was an event without any restrictions. Now we return again without restrictions, we are at a green traffic light and since it is outdoorsWe are very, very happy to be able to enjoy the best gastronomy in the city in a very healthy way.

What is the guest status?

The novelty is that we will not have one, but several. Durango will bring mescals; It has been a surprise to learn that it produces more than 7 million liters, and 80 percent is exported to Thailand, Canada and the United States, among others.

He comes Coahuilawhose wines are the most awarded. They will also bring kid. And it should be noted that they have a very interesting wine and tell us route, tell us about dinosaurs; Colorado Corner It is one of the places in the world with the most remnants of dinosaurs.

oaxaca He has been with us every year, and now he participates with his coffees. And for the first time it comes chihuahuawho has promised us a discada and flour tortilla burritos.

What will they do to make Sabor es Polanco safe?

We are fortunate to do it at Campo Martethat it is a very beautiful and spacious garden, where all the activities are spaced out and there are no queues; The 5,000 people we receive will always be comfortable and in open spaces.

Gastronomy has acquired a very special importance in recent years. To what do you attribute it?

So is, now the chefs are famous, they are stars, they are interviewedthey occupy the covers of magazines, there are some billionaires, like Wolfgang Puck, who writes books and has television programs; he started with a restaurant, the spago in Beverly Hills, and is now estimated to be worth more than a million dollars. Gastronomy is becoming more and more specializedfurther refining, so it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been to a restaurant; That’s where friendships are made, big deals are closed, anniversaries are celebrated and first love relationships are established.

This is the eighth edition of Sabor es Polanco. What is the origin of your success?

That 97 percent of the people who attend leave happy, satisfied; and we know that because we do exit polls, and they tell us it’s great. People are happy with the diversity and quality of food and drink served to them; we have the best beers and wines, and the best dishes. This time we are going to have pulque, mezcal, tequila. People like it because the diversity is such that they are left wanting to be hungrier to be able to taste more dishes, but it is impossible for someone to taste the 300 dishes that are served.

What aspects must be considered for an event like this or the concerts it organizes to be a success?

As everything in life, you have to make a lot of effort and it is also a little bit of luck; it is essential to review everything. In all the events I do, at the end I always point out what we could improve, what was very good and what was very bad; you focus on that, on reviewing your results and that helps you a lot to make your next event better.

Sabor es Polanco is already a reality. What are his next projects?

We are resuming many projects, such as a tribute to Juan Gabriel, more Flavor is Polanco; maybe we’ll have a barbecue event with a lot of beer for September or October. The people of Bosque Real want us to make a Taste is Polanco for that area. So there is a lot of work, but for now, the priority is our event today and tomorrow.