Finocchiaro: “We have to try to solve people’s problems”

The Pro’s national deputy, Alejandro Finocchiaro, visited Villa Nueva last Friday, where he shared a breakfast with local leaders and showed his support for the work carried out. Likewise, his visit to the neighboring city was due to the fact that the former Minister of Education held a meeting with the federal Ecoeducational network, an entity that brings together educational communities from all over the country.

In this framework, the lawyer spoke with the press and referred to different aspects that concern the current context of our country. “Every day with teachers, directors, assistants and parents we work to continue improving education in the Argentine Republic,” Finocchiaro said, adding: “We make proposals, we detect things that are wrong and we try to see how they can be changed.”

After consulting him for his demonstration of support for the recent project proposed by the current Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, which consists of adding an extra hour of classes in primary schools, the deputy stated: “I am a staunch opponent of this Government in the great most things you do. but when they make a decision, and in this case on something as important as education and it is correct, of course we are going to support it”.

“For two years there was no Minister of Education and this government introduced the largest educational blackout in the world, only compared to the one that Uganda had. But now, the new minister has made a decision that allows 38 days of classes to be won, however that hour must have content, be planned and articulated. We support the project because we always have to think about the good of the children in educational matters, ”he specified.

“We know that a policy is educational because it benefits the learning of children and young people, if not it is a union, labor, or anything else policy, but it is not educational,” said the former minister, adding: “Those who oppose the new project they are not thinking about the good of the boys. The politicians who dedicate ourselves to managing in Education have to think about the boys, they are the object of our care”.

“Kirchnerism outsourced education”

On the other hand, Finocchiaro spoke about the “indoctrination of Kirchnerism.” “With this I refer to everything that happens, it saved the four years that we governed, Kirchnerism outsourced education in CTERA, and with this I refer to Baradel, who is the one who manages the educational system,” he pointed out.

In turn, he indicated: “We believe that the educational system should be governed by the Argentine State and the provincial State, in the case of each jurisdiction. That is why we fought during our four years.” “The State must make decisions on educational public policies. In this case, Perczyk is discussing today with the 24 provincial ministers and that is fine, he does not have to consult with the unions whether or not there can be one more hour of class in the educational day”, he related.

“What needs to be discussed with the unions is how much teachers are going to earn by increasing their workload or whether or not this is going to generate some kind of repercussion on health, for example, on the voice when speaking more. These types of salary and labor issues have to be discussed, but Baradel and CTERA cannot define whether our boys have the right to have one more hour or not”, argued the deputy.

“Before thinking about 2023, we have to see 2022”

Meanwhile, the official preferred not to talk about next year’s electoral campaign and stressed: “I think that before thinking about 2023, we have to see a lot about 2022. We are experiencing an extremely complex economic situation, very difficult and with high social volatility. There is a lot of anger among the people and a government with an extremely weak president, I would say possibly the weakest since 1983”. “Inclusively, the phase of ridicule has begun, that is, everything the president does is ridiculed, it has practically become a meme and that is not good,” he said.

Also, Finocchiaro mentioned. “When there is a complex economic situation, high social volatility and little presidential authority, a cocktail that is very difficult to manage is formed. So, we have to be very responsible and see what we can do to lighten the situation for people”.

“Our vote in favor of the agreement with the IMF was along these lines because if a consensus was not reached, for example, here in this city, the owner of a car dealership would have called the last employee he took to tell him that he was going to dispense with their services because vehicles would no longer enter the country. Later, that employee would arrive at her house and find that her wife, who works in a textile workshop, had also been fired because no more dyes could be imported, that means going into default, ”he pondered.

In the same way, he commented: “Now we are going to debate the Rental Law that is generating tremendous anguish in the tenants because there is almost no offer, but also in the owners who feel that they are losing the capital of their lives. Those are the things that people are interested in, for 2023 there is still a lot of time, but we have to think about what we must do now and what we were chosen for.”

“I was elected as a national deputy and all my energies are focused on doing a good job in the Chamber of Deputies and trying to solve people’s problems, that’s what really matters,” Finocchiaro concluded.