Finca Luna Serena maintains the artisanal production of olive oil

The Luna Serena farm in San Miguel de Allende offers meals and tours of its olive groves, from which its oils are produced.

Robert Lopez

San Miguel de Allende.- Since 2017, the estate serene moon offers extra virgin olive oil in a quality that has been possible thanks to the climate, the land of the area and that it has its own expert sommelier. Today they offer a variety that combines olives with garlic, cinnamon, manzano chili, smoked chili, rosemary, parsley and even mint.

The farm has diversified so much that it also produces balsamic vinegars with various ingredients and offers tasting experiences with all its varieties accompanied by world cuisine dishes, local wine, tours of the place and even stays with breakfast included.

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Food has become so important that cooking classes are offered on Tuesdays every week and monthly festivals with Spanish and Italian specialties.

The fields of the Luna Serena estate
Photo: Roberto Lopez

The farm is located 10 minutes from the urban area of ​​San Miguel de Allende, along the highway that goes to blackberry doctor. Their products can be bought there or at the store located on Calle Hernandez Macias #99, In the city center.

They can also be purchased on their website:, where reservations are also made.

The production of this oil is in an artisanal way and that allows them to also have a line of beauty products that bring to the skin the benefits of the Creole olive, which is grown and harvested in the same place, which has about 1,800 olive plants.

Photo: Roberto Lopez

A breakfast or meal costs 500 pesos with a tour included. The meal includes tasting all the infused oils in 5 courses and with the main course to choose from the reservation; the stay also costs 500 pesos per night and includes breakfast.

The farm produces eight different types of olives, from a hydro-warm variety, to the Creole, which is an olive that occurs naturally in the Americas, among Texas and oaxacaas explained Victor Gutierrezsite manager. From these eight different variants, the 13 different presentations of olive oil are produced.

Luna Serena Farm in San Miguel
Víctor Gutiérrez, director of the Estate. Photo: Roberto Lopez

For health, extra virgin olive oil helps reduce heart problems, regulates weight loss, improves metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, slows the aging process, prevents gallstones and some types of cancer, like mom’s.

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For the beauty part, this type of oil moisturizes the skin, relieves sunburn, is an antibacterial balm, promotes healthy hair, strengthens nails, repairs cracked heels, heals chapped lips, is a makeup remover and fades dark circles