Eugenio Derbez stole all eyes with his Kabinenroller KR 200

Eugenio Derbez is currently the center of attention, since he positioned himself at the top of his career, being part of the drama – musical “CODA”, a film that won the highest award at the 2022 Oscars. In turn, the Mexican actor steals glances next to his exotic luxury cars. Do you know the funny episode that occurred driving his Kabinenroller KR 200? Read to the end to find out everything!

Successful wherever you look at him, the 60-year-old Mexican actor always makes us all laugh with his witticisms stemming from his vocation as a comedian. Very active in his social networks and with his public, Eugenio, it’s always news.

We already know about his fondness for making people laugh and his passion for collecting cars. What we did not know is that he combined these two hobbies. Incredible!

At one of their family breakfasts, Alexandra Rosaldo (Eugenio’s wife) and his son Vadhir stayed for breakfast. What they did not expect is that the actor appears with such a surprise car He was driving his Kabinenroller KR 200!

Everything was going great until Eugenio decided to return home in a fantastic blue car driving through the Polanco area. The car was not faithful to him at the beginning of his attempt, since it didn’t start. This situation caught the attention of more than one fanatic and neighbor of the area, who gathered to see what was happening What a moment!

Ten minutes it took Eugenio, the people in the parking lot who were helping him and his family for the car to respond. Alessandra, his wife, distracted those who came by greeting everyone who passed through the area.

being a ecological car, which works by charging through a battery or sunlight, it is seen that it ran out of sufficient charge Eugenio has to be more attentive! And you Would you like to drive one like Eugenio Derbez’s?

Next we show you the photo of Eugenio’s unfortunate moment

Eugenio Derbez trying to start his Kabinenroller KR 200

Eugenio with his wife on the Kabinenroller KR 200