Environmental Network recognizes women in their day

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Monterrey.- Within the framework of International Women’s Day, the company Red Ambiental recognized the contribution they make every day as a workforce.

The recognition took place in a hotel in the municipality of San Pedro where they could enjoy a breakfast organized for the women.

The workers of the company Red Ambiental enjoyed a conference given by Olga Nelly García, who pointed out the importance of the role of women in the different sectors and the difficulties they face.

“I am very grateful to Red Ambiental for giving me the opportunity to be with these women and share this message that I want to give them, it is an excellent project for them to open their minds and feel connected to themselves again,” said the speaker and writer.

Photo: Osvaldo Núñez

Separately, Jessica Monsiváis, a transport analyst for the company, said she felt valued in her daily work and thanked all the women workers for the recognition.

“It seems perfect to me that a company is so human and cares about each of the women who hold positions in the company,” she declared.

The power of women in working life constantly adds up in all areas, which is why Anabel Cantú, communication and media coordinator, highlighted the importance of all those who work at Red Ambiental.

“As a company we are proud to have this female workforce and we are very happy to have these great women gathered here to commemorate this day and recognize the fight for equality that increasingly reduces the gender gap.

“We also thank Olga Nelly García for her leadership and motivational message,” said Cantú.

During the recognition, women like María Cristina Cuellar, from information technology, explained that the company has always made a workplace a second home in which they feel very well.

“As women we need to be united, since together we can do things better and make the company grow,” she explained.

Nancy Leyva, who was one of those in charge of organizing the recognition of the women who work at Red Ambiental, added that it is a pleasure to be able to serve the company’s female workforce.

“I believe that the company has been the pillar of affection and all this hand-in-hand work, especially the credibility we have had for the growth of each of the women who work here, always preparing and listening to each other,” Leyva explained.