Enjoy the good food of the Zuzu Rooftop Restaurant

“The art of cooking is bringing happiness from the fire to the table,” says Chef Justine Rudoy, ​​whose taste for cooking was born thanks to her maternal grandmother, who liked to watch her cook for hours great recipes of mexican gastronomy and living on weekends in rustic barbecues at the house of his Argentine grandfather.

Good cuisine is accompanied by the freshest ingredients and flavors reminiscent of home and the chef is overflowing with creativity when it comes to mixing local products with spicy flavors, wood and grass with rustic touches.

The Zuzu Rooftop Restaurant is a place that transports you to a day in the countrysidewhere surrounded by vegetation you can enjoy a kitchen with organic and traditional touches inspired by country recipes, thanks to its terrace inspired by an old country dining room with ancient hunting traditions. Prepared on the grill, going back to a family day in the countryside with outdoor space, rustic cuisine with a touch of mysticism and Mexican tradition.

This place is ideal for people with a taste for grill and its touches of charcoal, neighbors, tourists in search of places with Mexican tradition and history, it is a place with a family atmosphere with style and a country touch.

the beginning

Start inspired by the country traditions of hunting and consumption of fresh and seasonal products where you will also find cocktails, exotic meats, grill, homemade and country flavors.

Its location makes it very special, in front of one of the most beautiful parks in Mexico City, Parque España, with an unparalleled view, with an outdoor space where it invites you to relax while contemplating our great view of the glass of the trees.

With the grill exposed invites people to try their selection of unique and fresh productsand beverages inspired by ingredients and aromas found in the countryside such as lavender, rosemary, ginger, cardamom, citrus and fruit trees.

Visit it and you will see that its kitchen, space, atmosphere, fresh aroma, selection and handling of ingredients with the care and quality that its recipes deserve, will make it one of your favorites.