Endorses bar of lawyers “María Sandoval de Zarco” relationship with CANACO Tijuana

TijuanaBC, March 10, 2022.- The president of the Lawyers Bar “Lic. María Sandoval de Zarco AC Harlene Arriaga Nava, attended the breakfast organized in support of the Unity Form, for the election of the new Board of Directors of the National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) TijuanaIn the place, the legal leader endorsed the commitment that as a specialized group they have with the business organization.


“We are here to endorse the relationship we have as a specialized group of the National Chamber of Commerce of Tijuanain which we have been collaborating in various administrations or boards of directors of the bar association and today is the commitment we have with this unity payroll,” he said.

Arriaga Nava, mentioned that it is an honor for the Barra to be able to contribute as a specialized group in the development of the group of merchants and emphasized that it is also a strategic alliance that allows them to be aware of social problems and to be able to contribute to their solution.


“We are aware that it is an honor and a pride to be part of CANACO as a specialized group, but it is also a strategy, we must remember that all the social problems that exist translate into a political issue that at the same time translate into an economic issue. , socializing all the problems is important, in order to be able to give continuity to the projects that former presidents of the Bar have had very wisely, which we want to continue forging, as is the case of the International Arbitration and Mediation Center of CANACO,” he assured.

He added that fortunately the president of the Court recently announced that the new Organic Law project contemplates private mediation, which represents a great opportunity to continue working with the Chamber of Commerce on this and other projects.

Finally, he commented that the members of the Barra will be pending on the development of the process and the new payroll and by the time the new president takes office, they will give continuity to the projects they have been working on constantly.