Encounter of Moles 2022: What is it and where does it take place? here the details

The City of Puebla de los Angeles has always been an important part of the history of Mexican gastronomy. It has witnessed great dishes, such as chiles en nogada and of course: The mole. Yes, this dish that gives us so much national identity and that cannot be missing in any Mexican party, not even if you are in the United States or anywhere in the world, but the truth is that no matter how international it is, it will never match the flavors of this dish produced in Mexico.

In the state of Pueblaare still large culinary traditions and both chefs and cooks, chefs and citizens in general, have been concerned with keeping the gastronomic cultural heritage of this part of the republic alive and current and due to this, this 2022 It is celebrated for the first time in Encuentro de los moles, which promises to bring us a sample of the best moles in the country every year.