Emma Coronel fell in love with ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán with this Mexican dish

There are thousands of stories related to “Chapo Guzmán”, a Mexican drug trafficker who was the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel until his extradition in the United States, however more and more details of his personal life are revealed, because in information revealed to incriminate the capo Sinaloa, a message addressed to his wife Emma Coronel mentioned that he fell in love with her after trying her Swiss enchiladas.

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The private messages were retained by the FBI thanks to the help of a Colombian cyber expert who helped Chapo create an encrypted communication system for him.

This information was read by the eighteen members of the jury, in which the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel spoke with his wife about various and dissimilar topics such as the love they both felt for their twin daughters, the shooting death of some cartel lieutenants and the dish that according to Chapo made him fall madly in love with his beloved.

This story was also confirmed by the journalist Anabel Hernández in her book Emma and the other ladies of the narco, where she points out that what ended up falling in love with Joaquín Guzmán was when Coronel prepared this dish in the same way that his mother did it, Maria Consuelo Loera Perez.

“Guzmán Loera established a more or less human relationship with her, he wrote her letters and sent her flowers to her house. She said she fell in love with her because she cooked enchiladas just like her mother’s, “Hernandez said.

On the other hand, the journalist mentioned “With a very strong maternal attachment, without a doubt his most important emotional bond, El Chapo looked for his mother in all the women he knew.”

The Sinaloa capo has been serving a life sentence since July 2019 in ADX Florence, the maximum security federal prison in Colorado where he will spend the rest of his days, as he was accused of trafficking tons of drugs for more than 30 years from Central America to Mexico and from there to the United States and Canada.

Carrying out this action in all possible ways, from fishing boats, boats, planes designed to evade radars, passenger vehicles, freight trains, submarines, trucks to tunnels.

Witnesses also accused him of bribing officials at nearly every level of Mexico’s police, military and politics, including an alleged $100 million payment to former President Enrique Peña Nieto.

According to federal prison documents “all meals are prepared under the supervision of the internal authorities”, also “Each individual receives two trays: one for hot food and one for cold food”, they pointed out.

In addition, there are five menus in the federal prison: the regular menu, the pork-free menu, the religious diet menu, the menu without meat of any kind, and the low-sodium and low-fat menu. The religious menu must be approved by the chaplain of the complex, they indicated.

In this way, the Mexican narco will only be able to settle for the memory of the Swiss enchiladas made by his wife, Emma Coronel, sentenced last November 2021 to a 36-month prison sentence in the United States, or the traditional ones of his mother, María Consuelo Loera Pérez, who lived in a mansion located in the mountains of Badiraguato, Sinaloa, however, after the direct attack against the Cartel in 2016, left the residence.