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‘El Pozolero’, the bricklayer who dissolved at least 300 people in acid, could go free | News Univision Latin America

Santiago Meza, the man known as ‘El Pozolero’ and who in 2009 confessed that he dissolved in acid the bodies of at least 300 people who were murdered by drug trafficking groups in Mexico, could be released in the coming months after spending 10 years in jail, as reported by groups dedicated to the search for disappeared persons.

Although Meza confessed to his crimes, authorities suspect that the number of bodies he disbanded may have been higher. Organizations that have explored the area where the subject disposed of the bodies estimate that there may be remains of more than 1,000 people.

The United Association for the Disappeared of Baja California, based in Tijuana, warned that the crime for which Meza is convicted, clandestine burial, is not considered a serious crime and that is why the man could go free this year.

Fernando Ocegueda, president of the group, affirms that Meza was sentenced for criminal association, organized crime and clandestine burial, and adds that the time he has already spent in jail could allow him to be released in the near future, despite the fact that the man is still He has not received a sentence. “The total sentence for all these crimes is 10 years, so [cuando reciba la sentencia] it is already in the terms so that it reaches freedom”.

“This is very sad news for many families”Ocegueda said through a video posted Tuesday on the organization’s Facebook page.

The organizations hope to ask the Baja California Congress to reform the laws on the crime of clandestine burial to increase the penalty with which it is punished, but the group affirms that they had not received a response.

‘El Pozolero’ assured that he did not kill anyone

‘El Pozolero’, nicknamed in a macabre allusion to the typical Mexican dish made with corn grains, was arrested in 2009 and it was then that he confessed his crimes.

According to the authorities, the man worked for Teodoro García Simental, also known as ‘El Teo’, head of a criminal organization first linked to the Arellano Félix Cartel and later to the Sinaloa Cartel. García Simental has been in a Mexican high-security prison since 2010.

Before working for organized crime, Meza was a bricklayer. When he was arrested, he answered several questions about his sinister trade. He said that he had not killed the victims, but that he was only disposing of the corpses. He assured that among his victims there were no women or children and that they paid him 600 dollars a month.

“He said, I prefer my job to you starving,” said Irma, his wife, in an interview with the magazine Process published in 2015.