Eight healthy breakfast ideas that will surprise you

The first meal of the day can be beneficial in maintaining your body weight and avoiding sweets or fast foods. In addition, the healthy breakfasts They provide energy for daily activities. These refuel your body and replenish the glycogen stores that supply your muscles with energy.

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According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the food mix for a quick, healthy and satisfying breakfast includes whole grains, fruit, a healthy protein, nuts and dairy such as yogurt. The recommendations focus on choosing options that provide nutrients, such as berries that are full of fiber and healthy polyphenols. Also, avoid cereals and processed breads, and prefer those with whole grains.

These are eight ideas of healthy breakfastseasy and fast that you can prepare and enjoy at home.

one. healthy breakfasts yogurt with granola and fruit

The healthy breakfasts with yogurt are very nutritious and contribute to improving your health. They are very versatile and easy to prepare breakfasts. One option is to mix it with granola and fruit. In a bowl, add yogurt (can be Greek or an alternative without artificial flavors), granola, and pieces of fruit. Finish with a honey topping to enjoy.

2. Toast with egg and avocado

The egg is a nutritious food, rich in quality proteins and essential amino acids. Egg toast is great for making a delicious and healthy breakfast. For that, spread two slices of toasted whole wheat bread with mashed avocado with salt and pepper to taste. Add scrambled eggs to each toast and accompany with coffee or orange juice.

3. Oatmeal with vegetable soy drink, nuts and red fruits

Eating oatmeal is beneficial for health. It is a source of fiber, vitamin B1 and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. With it you can prepare various healthy breakfasts. A quick and easy solution to make is a traditional oatmeal with vegetable soy drink. Serve it in a bowl and add nuts and red fruits. Sprinkle with chia seeds to taste various textures.

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4. Sandwich with smoked salmon, mustard and fresh spinach

The salmon sandwich is a breakfast option that brings many benefits. Salmon has healthy omega-3 fats that can help improve heart and blood vessel health. Prepare it by spreading two slices of wholemeal bread with mustard and filling with smoked salmon and fresh spinach. Add salt and pepper to taste, and sprinkle with a touch of oregano to enhance its flavor.

5. Banana pancakes with fruits and honey

Pancakes are a quick option healthy breakfasts to do at home. You can prepare them from banana, as it is a fruit rich in fiber, vitamin B9 and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Prepare the pancake mix with bananas, oatmeal, egg, vegetable drink and vanilla to taste. Cook each pancake on both sides until golden brown. Serve them accompanied by honey and the fruits of your choice.

6. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

This is a perfect alternative to face daily activities. Vegetables provide vitamins and minerals that favor bodily functions. Grill vegetables cut into slices: mushroom, paprika, courgette and onion. Spread two slices of wholemeal bread with mustard and place a lettuce leaf and grilled vegetables on top. Add salt and pepper to taste, and if you prefer sweet corn to make an even more delicious sandwich.

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7. Tuna and boiled egg burrito

This breakfast with tuna and boiled egg is full of flavor. Tuna provides nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids that favor the heart system and blood vessels. Fill a wheat tortilla with tuna and sliced ​​boiled eggs. You can add tomato, onion and lettuce with a touch of salt and pepper to taste. Accompany with a coffee and a fruit juice to start the morning with energy.

8. Chia pudding with fruits

Chia seeds are packed with nutrients and are great for making healthy breakfasts. They are rich in fiber, vitamin A and B, and minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron and others. In addition, they provide protein and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. To prepare the pudding, add two tablespoons of chia to a glass of milk, mix and let stand for an hour. Add pieces of fruit like strawberries, blueberries or mango and finish with a touch of honey. It is a delicious breakfast that has a high nutritional value.

These options of healthy breakfasts They are perfect to include in a balanced eating plan. It is about eating a variety of foods that provide nutrients to the body for its proper functioning. They are easy and quick breakfasts to make that give you energy for the day’s activities.

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