Eating in one of the best Mexican restaurants in Spain is possible thanks to Los Guacamoles

The Mexican gastronomic culture is a fusion between the indigenous traditions and the meats and ingredients that the Europeans brought. The diversity is one of the main characteristics of this culinary style that transcended borders, reaching different parts of the world and that combines vegetables such as corn, chili or avocado with chicken, beef and pork.

In Spain, one of the best performers of Mexican cuisine is the Los Guacamoles restaurant chain, which has 3 locations in Madrid and 1 in Valencia. In all cases, the authentic Mexican food dishes that the menu offers can be enjoy on the spot or order to consume at home.

Experienced Professionals

Alejandro Cabrera and Ivonne Pulido founded Los Guacamoles in 2016 and have experienced constant expansion ever since. Led by Diego J. Guerrero, an expert consultant in SMEs, they are beginning the internationalization process, since the landing of the brand in Italy is expected.

Meanwhile, in Spain there two new openings planned for the coming months, one of which is in Andalusia, a new autonomous community in which this Mexican food chain will have a presence.

Before starting this venture, the founders accumulated 30 years of experience in important projects within different hotel and restaurant groups, both in Mexico and in Spain.

The The culinary offer of these restaurants seeks to remain faithful to the original Mexican recipes but without neglecting innovation.. In this way, the dishes of Los Guacamoles are located at a midpoint between the new and the known. The objective is achieve a visual impact and achieve flavors that respect traditions.

Authentic Mexican Food at Los Guacamoles

The menu of all the restaurants in Los Guacamoles is made up of different starters, main dishes and desserts prepared with the typical ingredients of Mexican cuisine.

Among the starters the classic nachos stand out, also called tortilla chips, which can be accompanied by cheese, guacamole and different typical sauces. In turn, the main offer of Los Guacamoles allows customers customize your orders. Sopes, tacos and burritos come with pork, such as cochinita pibil or veal. Furthermore, it is possible choose between different sauces in which there is no lack of typical ingredients such as chiles, chipotle and pico de gallo. The menu includes options for celiacs, vegetarians and vegans.

It is also advisable to pay attention to dishes such as northern flank steak and tampiqueña-style meat, which are recommendations from the chef. Lastly, among the desserts, the Tres Leches Cakewhich is a very spongy and very moist sponge cake that has a typical Mexican touch.

Due to its varied offer in which the traditional is combined with the innovative, Los Guacamoles is one of the best authentic Mexican food options in Spain.