Eat something rich and light with this recipe to make golden tacos stuffed with carrot

When the hot seasonmuch we do not know what to do with it, because we imagine the worst: that we will be melting, that the meat EITHER meal in general it will spoil much faster than before or that we don’t have the Beach near us. And all of that is true! Only there are always options to cope with the adversity. Sometimes you just need to be creative and get carried away a bit by the climate.

A solution easy, fresh and creativethey are certainly the adapted recipeswho previously wore meatbut now we can make one vegetarian version of these recipes, you know, so that everything is much lighter than what we were used to eating when it’s cold, because now you feel like swim, to run, play or whatever, in order to get out, after two years of a sedentary life to safeguard integrity.