Dross, the Venezuelan youtuber, generates debate on social networks by choosing Peru as one of the countries with the best gastronomy

Dross opens debate on Peruvian food.

The Venezuelan Angel Revilla is best known in the world Youtube What Rotzank scum. Since 2006, when he launched his channel, his mysterious videos have attracted attention. Thus, he has been a content creator for more than 15 years, in addition to launching himself as a writer.

To date, he has more than 22 million followers on YouTube, 4.6 million on Facebook and 3.7 million users who follow him on Twitter.. It was precisely on this last social network where he launched a message that opened up a whole controversy.

“Latin countries with the best gastronomy: Mexico & Peru. Let history judge me.”was the tweet that Dross launched. Immediately a debate broke out in the little bird’s network. The message got more than 1,300 replies, more than 2,500 retweets and more than 42 thousand likes.

As expected, those who appeared Dross’s claim was supported, and so were many detractors. Although there were others who supported Peruvian cuisine, but not Mexican cuisine.

Dross opens debate on Peruvian food.
Dross opens debate on Peruvian food.


Check out some of the comments below:

“Mexico does not appear! They only have the taco as their flagship dish, it’s not even a dish, it’s like an appetizer. Oh well…”.

“I went to Arequipa, and the stuffed rocoto and the ceviche were the best foods I ate in my life.”

“Peru yes, Mexico can be discussed.”

“Yes, Peruvian gastronomy is good but only in shellfish and fish.”

“But the best food is Italian because of its tradition, culture and passion. Which is based on the Mediterranean diet with a variety of ingredients”.

“Mexico does not know dishes that do not have tortillas and in Peru they eat pigeons so… XDD”.

“I don’t know about the Mexican, Rick, but the Peruvian anyway.”

“I have heard many good things about Peruvian food, I have never tried it. As a Mexican, I hope to try it at some point.”

“A Mole, a pozole, Zacahuil de la huasteca, all the different types of tacos, tripe, barbecue, birria, tlayudas, roasted carnitas, Pacific style seafood such as governor tacos, Marlin tostadas. Also the meat in its juice, tamales and the cochinita pibil”.

“The one from Mexico I believe you, but from Peru I have my doubts, I have a hard time believing that a country where the cousins ​​of the hamster are eaten has good cuisine.”

“In Latin America I prefer Chilean, Bolivian or Brazilian food to Mexican…. highly overrated. Peruvian food is one of the best in the world and the best in America.”

“Argentine Gastronomy>>>any country in Latin America”.

“I tried the food from Peru and that tasted like Chinese food from Colombia or food when my mom was too lazy to make something tasty.”

“We are not just tacos, although with that we put it in everyone, we have dishes based on seafood, meat, corn. Even chilies and legumes xD. In reality, there are an infinity of dishes and mixtures that go from north to south, each region with its own touch”.

Even the channel Conexión TV made a comment questioning why it does not mention Ecuadorian food.

Dross opens debate on Peruvian food.
Dross opens debate on Peruvian food.


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