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Dr. John Kellogg: invented corn flakes to prevent masturbation

He launched violent campaigns against masturbation, in which it was advised to mutilate the genitals of girls and boys.

USA.- The name of John Harvey Kellogg resonates when we talk about American Hygiene Movementsince after all, he deployed his mind in thinking about different health measures.

Taking a holistic approach to wellness, Kellogg invented cereal with his brotherwhich made him a prophet of the hygiene of the “American breakfast” in the 20th century

He defended nutrition and launched violent campaigns against masturbationin which it was advised mutilate the genitals of girls and boys.

harvey kelloggBorn on February 26, 1853 in Tyrone, Michigan, he witnessed the hygiene revolution in America. It was around the time that the first flush toilet. But, the era was not all about wellness, as it was during the same century when campaigns on sex and alcoholism.

Kellogg clung to the idea of ​​the “biological life” from the time he was studying to get his medical degree in 1875. Since college level, she had already instilled the idea of ​​a healthy life in her mind.

Deeply revering the human body, Kellog labeled it a “living temple” and thus took a holistic approach that satisfied his religious extremism and his respect for the science of nutrition.

In the late nineteenth century, in Michigan, Dr. Kellogg he was put in charge of a clinic that belonged to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In addition to his enormous capacity for work, he stood out for his intellectual restlessness and an enormous dogmatic rigidity. He blamed much of people’s health problems on sexual problems.

The soft cereal to hinder sexual desire

In the 1880s, the american breakfast average consisted mainly of meat, whether cold, salted, fried or in any other way. Meatless alternatives existed, but it used to take forever to make grains and oatmeal for breakfast.

People used to shy away from this alternative as it was a heavy breakfast in terms of the time it took and the calories it contained.

At that time, Kellogg’s suggested expanding consumption of yogurt, grains, and nuts. Meanwhile, he, along with his brother, worked to perfect a low-maintenance breakfast cereal.

They shredded alls graham crackers during your first try and the they called it “granola”but in the end it was not what they wanted. Working tirelessly, the brothers succeeded in making flaked wheat cereal in 1902, calling it cornflakes.

John Harvey Kellogg soon lost interest in the company and gave his brother William the opportunity to buy Corn Flakes shares, who finally opened Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company in 1906.

All was not well within the family when John Harvey sued his brother for using the family name. Guess what? William sued him and ultimately won. After all the family drama, Kellog claimed that he was never behind the business but rather the reform.

Reform? Through cornflakes? Okay, John Harvey encouraged the battle against one of life’s deadliest vices: masturbation, and that too through the manufacture of clean food that would help people to eradicate their carnal desires. What? Well, at least, this is what John Harvey theorized.

The violent ideas of John Harvey Kellogg

He disliked sex all his life, never even consummated his marriage with his wife, Ella Ervilla Eaton.

The couple lived in separate houses. They had no biological children, but raised more than forty, legally adopting seven of them before Ella’s death in 1920.

Some violent ideas occurred to him: parents should tie their children’s hands to the bedpost, circumcise teenagers, and sew up a man’s penis to prevent erections.

As far as young girls are concerned, he suggested pouring carbolic acid on their clitorises. Curiously, Kellog believed that a purer diet offered by Cornflake would help control children’s sexuality..

In addition to the bizarre shapes, Kellogg took appreciative steps like taking control of the spa: He remodeled the Battle Creek Sanitarium in 1877.

His contributions led Sanitarium to emerge as a beacon of wellness, and within a decade, it went from treating 300 patients a year to 1,200.
What’s more, her less bizarre ways of promoting wellness included giving herself multiple enemas a dayand I used to get an enema twice a day, first at breakfast and then at lunch.

Eating little, Kellogg argued, decreased sexual appetite. A healthy and scant diet. Only two meals a day.

Emphasizing the consumption of a daily pint of yogurt, Kellogg recommended passing half through the mouth and the other through the anus. What’s more, patented a chair that shook patients so violently that they used to discharge feces.

As well favored the forced sterilization of criminals and in the best baby raising, where he organized career conferences for criminals and best baby contests for white babies, awarding

The sexual climax, the orgasm, was for Kellogg the cause of nervous breakdowns and the permanent weakening of the main faculties of being human. He was not the inventor of these theories. He was just a follower -and main propagator- of those who maintained that in women a natural sexual disinterest prevailed, and that masculine energy was finiteso each sexual outpouring (much more so if it was a “private vice”) meant an irrecoverable loss of it.