Don’t throw them away! 5 Ways You Can Use Up Your Hard Tortillas From Days Ago

Let’s be completely honest, when we buy tortillasthe vast majority of the time we tend not to consume them all and, consequently, many times they can become ugly, hard and, clearly, useless. Of course, you and we know that we do not like to waste food and the vast majority of the time, we look for some solution to have in our hands some food OR saucer that could be ideal to take advantage of everything we have and that is exactly what we have today with the tortillas.

Thinking about the way in which you can take advantage of them and that you do not think that because of the issue of being hard in your refrigerator or cupboard they are no longer useful, we bring you 5 ways you can take advantage of your hard tortillas and give them a second chance, we are sure that your pocket and stomach They will greatly appreciate it, because it will be a perfect option for any day of the week.