Don’t stay with the craving! Enjoy some amaranth cookies at home with this recipe

The spring it is not only heat, just as winter is not only cold. At least in Mexicothere are days warm and cold in both seasons. That’s why it’s always good to have planes A, B And till Cbecause you never know how the morning will dawn or how the weather will progress afterwards. One can be very excited and ready to drink whole barrels of irish Green Beer, with your fresh outfit and all, when all of a sudden, a storm breaks!

Yes, the rainy are more common than we would like to admit spring. In fact it is thanks to them and the Sunthat everything blooms and that we can reap fruits at the end of the season. That’s beautiful and poetic until we get soaked by the rain OR stormwhich makes us only think of one cup of hot coffeethat frees us from all evil to drink it in the company of some sandwiches to this.