Don’t melt from the heat and start the morning with a rich caramel iced coffee; here the recipe

Definitely already the heat is taking over us and although yesterday was according to the news one of the best days hot of the year, the truth is that everything seems to indicate that the hell weather It will continue. Therefore, it is better for us to get used to sleeping and waking up without blankets, to constant thirst and also to having thirst all the time, because if something does the springit is to increase our thirst for the good and the bad.

The heatmay let us walk around in little clothes, but what never goes away is that sweaty feeling and sometimes sticky, which makes us angry, because it keeps our skin warm. Not all of us can stand this, because although thanks to this we wear shorts or dresses with total freedom, it also has its details that must be taken care of, such as deodorants, perfumes, sunscreens and the use of cream so that the skin does not dry out. .