Don’t know what to have for breakfast? prepare some delicious boiled eggs stuffed with guacamole; here the recipe

It will never be easy to start the day and less when your weekend was incredible, because you spent a lot of emotionsthat allowed you to remember all those sensations that were there with you, but that we almost never pay attention to, because we have a full agenda, very busy attending to all the commitments and forgetting ourselves, who sometimes we just want to rest, but we don’t we achieve it because when we go to bed the pending thoughts come to not let us sleep.

How do we wake up in the morningit is almost always the result of everything we go through at night, because if we stay awake, we can wake up tired, without much energy and sometimes even in a bad mood, because nobody wants to start the day off on the wrong foot like that, as they say out there, but luckily breakfast can help you not to be as terrible as you think, because when you don’t have sweet dreams, nothing is better than a restorative breakfast.