Don’t know what to do with your children on vacation? Here we tell you the available workshops

This Friday the holidays begin and with them the stress of many parents, since the smallest of the household leave the schools for a few days, if you are one of those who prefers to keep them entertained, learn and above all have fun, Luz Noticias was given the task of investigating what the little ones can do prior to Holy Week.

The courses and workshops are a good option and the 22 public libraries in the municipality of Ahome will be open next week, with the Story Time program.

Alejandro Álvarez, Director of the Library Network tells us a little about this entertaining workshop, especially for children between 5 and 12 years of age.

«Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will be open to the public, with a service from 10:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon, the library service that is consultation of bibliographic material and there will be Story Time and recreational activities for girls and boys, it consists of a reading aloud shared by the librarians and at the end an activity related to reading that has to do with a craft, color work and can even be a movie, the theme is that they spend a morning approaching the books,” he said.

But if yours, yours are not the letters and you want to forget these vacations of the books, another good option is to cook, yes, just as you hear it, in the Institute of Gastronomic Art they let us enter the kitchen, to prepare some delicious mini cupcakes and traditional Easter eggs.

«The Institute of Gastronomic Art has been in business for five years now. The MochisIt is an exclusive cooking school for children and adolescents and we also have personalized classes for children with autism, down syndrome, now that the Holy Week We have Easter camp and you can see Italian, French cuisine, pastries, they really like what dinosaurs are, unicorns in donuts, cakes».

She is Angy Sarahi Hernández Vázquez, the institute’s chef, who narrated a little about the great experiences that the children live, who leave delighted since apart from cooking their favorite dishes, they know other cultures in the gastronomic subject.

“These are 100 percent practical classes, every month we change the topics, they were in international gastronomy, they made paellas, they visited Argentine restaurants, a chef from Argentina came to teach them a little about her culture, in September they see Mexican cuisine and learn to make chili peppers in nogada, marzipan, cocadas, it is very important that they have that safe approach to cooking, not running and even using knives».

The Institute of Gastronomic Art is located by Heriberto Valdez, number 1143, in the Scally subdivision, do not stay out and be part of this great experience of learning to cook any dish, no matter how complicated it may seem.

Now you know, these vacations can be a lot of fun, you just decide which course to take.