Doña Márgara Francisca, culinary

The exponential growth of programs on platforms such as YouTube dedicated to the national gastronomic culture, which gives for that and more, sometimes prevents us from paying attention to true discoveries made by professionals. Come on, yes, it is always a breath of fresh air that someone with initiative and a cell phone records and uploads to the networks whatever he or she has in terms of food made in the country. It’s just that the number of people dedicated to it is already such that when a real program appears, made by a professional, it is possible that it does not receive the attention it deserves.

Lalo España, now widely recognized for his work on the Vecinos series, but whose work began several decades ago and in various fields, is one of those cases. Far from being improvised, Spain has a solid background in the field of comedy, it understands very well how to use cameras, rhythm and, above all, it possesses and exercises what many conductors and conductors do not even know: respect for the person interviewed who is nothing but the respect of the public that sees his work.

It’s never too late to recover and catch up with the work of promoting food like the one carried out by Lalo España through his Garnacha Channel and through his character, Doña Márgara Francisca. The lady knows tricks, improvisation (indispensable when the only agreement is “you cook and I’ll ask you as you go along”), how to handle herself with ease on stages that, of course, are not prepared for any show, and how to stay throughout of the broadcast performing tightrope walks between what is a very fine humor that honors the memory of the carp and the game with those who cook in the very diverse establishments that he visits.

The albur, a consubstantial part of the character of Doña Márgara, is an agility sport that is practiced among men. Between women it doesn’t make much sense because they would all win in the first round. However, Mrs. Márgara is an expert in the matter and manages, without ever leaving the character, that the double meaning and the amphibologie added to the most imaginable trick of the slum do honor to what it is: a game, an entertainment in which whoever loses the The last one ends up distributing, and you understand me. And she also honors Garnacha and street stew, promotes it and makes it more desirable than it already is.

On the other hand, it is necessary to say that fortunately the threats that Lalo España received after his criticism of the current head of the Executive have not been carried out. What the actor said in a video, in a personal capacity, without any of his characters involved, was the following: “I voted for an imbecile, conceited, arrogant, closed, inept, corrupt guy and I am very sorry (…) Inexplicably there is beings clinging to defend him despite so many corruptions, the lack of medicine for children with cancer, the closedness of constantly doing what he wants, not what he should, not receiving people who have to deal with important issues, of promoting violence, of dividing the country, of doing so many stupid things”.

As far as we can see, this political stance did not cause him any estrangement with the companies for which he works as an actor. But the chairines were hurt, deservedly so. Doña Márgara Francisca on her Garnacha Channel is not exempt from the local color of the present reality, but the purpose of her show is to celebrate Mexican cuisine. She does it with humor, respect and like the gentleman and lady that she is.