Does it really help to eat a bolillo pa’l susto when there is an earthquake? this is happening in your body

This Wednesday afternoon, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 was recorded in Mexico and despite the fact that some applications predicted that the intensity was “violent”, the truth is that both users of the CDMX like those of MexicoThey assured that they did not feel anything. The epicenter was in Crucecita, oaxacaaccording to information from the National Seismological Service. However, it was the Oaxacans who got a good scare, as many described it as “a milestone.”

And in these cases, before finding out about all the details of the tremor, the first thing we do when returning home after evacuating, is to look for our regulation roll pa’l scarewhich will calm us down, according to Mexican custom and tradition, which says that if we eat this bread, we will feel much better and less scared than when we run away because we hear the seismic alert.