Does gastronomy really have a woman’s face? – Update Mexico

My dear gastronaut from #Updatemx today if you allow me, I want to join forces for Women’s Day and I think that supporting the cause is making evident something that is happening to women every day in the gastronomic union, gender inequality.

This is something that happens in many fields of human development and gastronomy or the culinary profession is no exception.

For example, in education it is common to find a minority of female teachers on the payroll of cooking schools. If we talk about restaurants, it will depend on the type of service offered, but in most there will be little representation of women, unless of course it is places “specific” where women are used as physical attractiveness and not only do they have to endure such treatment, women on average earn 30% less than men.

Gastronomy owes us a lot in terms of inclusion, they are not given the shop to entrepreneurial projects of female chefs or restaurant entrepreneurs in the same way that is done with their male counterparts. Here I allow myself to make a note, I mean the genre but not the talent they have. I insist that it is imperative and urgent to give value to the role that women have in the field of food that permeates future generations of entrepreneurs.

In Latin America and in Mexico particularly, women are the ones who run the kitchen at home, they are the ones who turn to see these “gangsters” to seize the ancient knowledge of the kitchen with our traditional cooks. She is responsible for transmitting identity and tradition, with the ability to propose from a culinary aspect, a new future for her communities.

In these places, women have used the gastronomic tool as a way of living, subsisting and resisting, as a tool to perpetuate the Mexican culinary culture and identity.

Do you know to whom we owe that Mexican gastronomy has been recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO? To women, who with their cookbooks have marked the historical memory of our beloved country.

The Mexican gastronomic union (and of the world it is worth noting) needs to stop and talk more about gender equality in a sector in which the gap is widening. And not only should it be talked about, it should be acted upon. It is necessary.

It is important to open spaces for dialogue, to properly empower women. Make visible and recognize the work of so many women linked to food, in the world of work and to be able to find a way that allows us to break down the walls of inequality, where men often win more than women, and I am not referring to the Economic factor.

It is imperative to develop a more inclusive, safe and respectful gastronomic sector, which is self-critical in terms of female hiring and plans actions that promote, not only a change in hiring, but based on respect and tolerance.

Today is a day to add, not to congratulate, today is a good day to value the work of women, who not only work hard but must also face everything that is against them. Today is a good day to support the next 364 days of commemoration, creating safe and fair, inclusive and growing places, places where the guild recognizes that without the great female figures of culinary art, Mexican cuisine simply would not exist. And yes, gastronomy has a woman’s face.

Until next time