Do you want a traditional breakfast but without spicy? Prepare this Mexican-style egg without chili

One of the most traditional what do we have to prepare egg in the kitchen of the country is to the mexicanThis recipe mixes the classic ingredient of breakfast with the colors of the flag, the green, White and Redadding elements such as onion, tomato and of course the Chilewhich is an infallible of the mexico cuisinehowever the latter ingredients It is not to your liking at all and that is why we will teach you how to prepare a version of this breakfast no spicy.

For him Mexican style egg traditionally used any type of green chile that can add a touch of spice to the recipe, from Highlander until tree it’s included habanero if you are very brave, the chili gives you the Colour green and a special flavor to your dish, however, if you do not want hot spicy there are other green elements that you can incorporate very well, for example some chili peppers that do not itch like the pepper or the poblanoor as in this case, the nopales.