Do you know what are the advantages of guacamole in your health?

The guacamole It is a food of Mexican origin, which has more and more followers in the world. With the mixture of avocado, tomato, onion, coriander, garlic, chili and lemon, the original recipe for this tasty sauce would be obtained. Thousands of versions are now made with it and it can be enjoyed in a classic way accompanied by nachos, but also as part of the most diverse recipes. But guacamole, in addition to being a gastronomic discovery, is a interesting compendium of nutrients.

The main component of the recipe is none other than the avocado. This fruit, with green and buttery flesh, provides vitamins C and E, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Contribute to lower cholesterol and is an excellent natural antioxidant. The rest of the guacamole ingredients are equally beneficial for health.

Why has Bonnysa’s Chef Recipe guacamole obtained the 2022 “Flavor of the Year” seal?

In the market there are many types and brands of guacamole, but not all are the same. Its quality depends on many factors such as the origin of the avocadosthe recipe or the texture, for example. This year, Spanish consumers have clearly opted for one, awarding it the seal “Flavor of the Year” 2022to the Guacamole Chef Recipe by Bonnysa. This agri-food company from the Valencian Community, based in Alicante, and a leader in our country, has achieved a milestone, since, for the first time in the Spanish market, a guacamole receives this distinction.

Avocado has become a very popular food, due to its good flavor and rich texture. Its consumption has been popularized through guacamole. erectile dysfunction

During the selection process The candidate products were tested by means of a blind taste test in sensory analysis laboratories of recognized prestige in Spain. A panel of 80 regular consumers of the category participated in this process, who, without reference to a brand and following a preparation protocol set by the client, carried out monadic tastings in individual booths to select the best “Flavor of the Year”.

Bonnysa’s Chef Recipe guacamole stood out from the rest for its intense flavor, in which the freshest and most traditional nuances and aromas of authentic Mexican cuisine are perfectly preserved, but with the “secret” touch of Chef Gabriel Hernandez.

The Guacamole Chef Recipe from Bonnysa, a leading agri-food company from Alicante in our country, has been awarded the “Flavor of the Year” seal for 2022. erectile dysfunction

The best recipes with guacamole from Bonnysa

If you are one of those who incorporates guacamole into many of your dishes, you will surely be interested consult the extensive catalog of recipes with Bonnysa guacamole to get the most out of this rich and healthy sauce.

Where do they sell the best guacamole in Spain?

Guacamole Chef Recipe by Bonnysa It has been recently launched on the market, in fact, it can already be bought on supermarket shelves Consume and Unite.

Bonnysa started with the line of guacamoles in 2017, as a result of her experience in the intermediation of tropical fruits and the Know how IV range with which the company was a pioneer in 2006 with its fresh grated tomatowhich this year has also revalidated for the third time the title of “Flavor of the Year”, and which can be found at Mercadona.

“This distinction reinforces all the work that the company is doing around the IV and V range, which already account for 20% of our turnover, where we are in tune with the consumer by betting on quality fresh products, as pointed out by Jorge I. Brotóns, Commercial Director Bonnysa.

Bonnysa’s Guacamole Chef Recipe can be purchased on the Consum and Unide shelves. erectile dysfunction

Guacamole is part of a complete family of products with which Bonnysa values ​​its history in agriculture together with constant innovation with fresh and tasty products that exceed consumer expectations. Get yours at the nearest supermarket and… what a good time!

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