Do you know the new CDMX restaurants?

Chefs like Marco Carboni, restaurants like La Única or Los Panchos, with another version, are already in Madrid, and soon we will be able to confirm one of the news of the year, the arrival of Enrique Olvera in Madrid where he has many admirers. Meanwhile in Mexico City there are also many good news that further enrich the local gastronomic scene. In the first place and with the recognition of the Mexico Gastronomic guide of Mexican Culinary 2022 as “The opening of the year”, congratulate the restaurant My dude Chavaa nice restaurant without great pretensions in the Roma neighborhood, but with a first-class product. In its menu the richest fruits of the Pacific elaborated with all the flavor. With the slogan ¡Seafood yes there is! We find ceviches, scallops, trays of chocolate, red and pismo clams, fresh tuna, high-end shrimp or fish pâté. All the flavor of the sea.

Another piece of good news, after a resounding success as one of the best restaurants in the Republic, Fauna en Ensenada, with a cult of seasonal cuisine from its masterful garden, arrives The Marito the Lomas de Chapultepec, as a tribute to the heritage of women and their good work, chefs Maribel Aldaco and David Castro Hussong offer tribute to the “maris” who inspired their cuisine. With a menu that looks at the sea, influences from the East and top quality products. Also oriental, but inspired by Taiwan, we enjoy bao bao in Roma, in a talismanic place, where the success of Thai Galanga began, chosen by the Mexican Culinary Guide as “Restaurant of the Year”. oriental soups, dumpling and the star dish of the place, stuffed steamed buns that melt in your mouth with all their aroma. It is not new but the move has been so successful that it deserves to be mentioned, Ekilore It has moved to Calle Aristóteles, very wise, next to the Casa Vasca and one of the most desired terraces in the city. Pablo San Román, wise in the kitchen with a Basque accent, offers honest food, varied from Steak Alabama squidwith rice, meat, vegetables and fish typical of San Sebastían.

After triumphing all over the world, chef Ramses Luevano arrives in the Juárez neighborhood from London to Berlin, with sandwichGerman name that speaks of an authentic street gastronomy. a brave cuisine, where the simple bite rises to a masterpiece. With discretion it is placed among the great places of the city. Quietly, but with good proposals, wine tasting and mixology accompany the experience.

We can talk about high mixology in the local Lightning on Salamanca street, a splendid place, which could be in any European capital, good drinks and outstanding design of the glasses. Alvaro Garcia in front. Right next to it another great restaurant, Phonic where chef Billy Maldonado reinterprets flavors. There is no shortage of ceviches, aguachiles or octopus tostadas overlooking the sea, including lobster pozole. Varied meats and fish of the day with original proposals of guacamole with jalapeño ferment or mushroom ceviche. An original setting for creative cuisine and a very good wine list.

Marco Carboni’s fine cuisine arrives at Pedregal, in Blackin a cozy setting, with its tribute to good Italian cuisine, top quality dough pizza, risotto al funghi, tartufo tagliolini and other varieties of fresh pasta. Cheeses, sausages, anchovies that take us to the trattoria Italian with all its flavor intact. Without leaving Pedregal another interesting destination Rocksalt, varied international cuisine aguachile de rib eye with roasted sauce, tortilla powder, serrano chili, garlic chips and grilled bread, and the duo of hummus classic and edamame with bread manakish homemade, for main course gnocchi spinach with parmesan cream and warm asparagus salad, and a small rib glazed in dark beer sauce. Chicken curry on a tour of America, Asia and Europe and a minimalist and elegant architectural environment. Refined aesthetics for a kitchen that is here to stay.

height opening, ling ling inside the new Ritz Carlton Hotel in Reforma, on the 56th floor, a spectacular restaurant for its views and its decoration with high-end Cantonese cuisine. Spectacular plating and sushi rolls, grilled octopus, duck, glazed salmon, sophisticated recipes from the East in a place with one of the best views of the city.

From the Balcón del Zócalo to Polanco, specifically to Campos Elíseos, arrives the prestigious and elaborate cuisine of Pepe Salinas. It just opened ZEA is RootedMexican product food, but avant-garde where we find Risotto of beets, pheasant in pink mole, black ceviche and other fantasies of impeccable flavor.

Another new temple in Rome, in style Art nouveau with architecture reminiscent of Gaudí, House Plumsan elegant setting for a stylish kitchen where the Mexican garden is not lacking, they have one near the restaurant for fresh products, good meats, duck tacos and deep-sea bass, as well as more homemade dishes to make you feel at home with very good drinks.

Also in Roma, on Orizaba street, another elegant place that has had many lives, now bears the name 1985 Anti Good Foodan urban scene. Good dinner They are the restaurants that go beyond gastronomy to offer a more complete experience with elegant etiquette and a lot of protocol from the drinks to the table. Quality food is offered here, but with informal etiquette. another restaurant is Rib that also brings us aromas of the Pacific, treasures of Baja California and a menu with crab, octopus, ceviches and first-class products that bring the coast to Mexico City. Great variety of cuisine with influences from Sinaloa, Tijuana and Baja California Sur in Cuauhtémoc.

Finally we must mention Oenologist that changes the idea of ​​food with wine, and offers wine with food, with a French accent and a perfect gastronomy to pair dishes by the glass, cozy decoration and an unpretentious tribute to wine. Varied labels and a pleasant experience with natural wines and homemade delicacies. Many novelties for a city that is already one of the great capitals of world gastronomy.